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Tools, Tools Everywhere! Which SEO Tools Are Worth Your Time?

Ever wondered what tools are used by some of the best in the industry? Author and SEO expert Stephan Spencer shares his top free and premium SEO tools.

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Local SEO: Is the ROI Worth the Billing? – Business 2 Community

Local SEO: Is the ROI Worth the Billing?
Business 2 Community
There is no doubt that marketing your business on the internet can help you attract new customers and clients, but how can you tell if it is worth the return on your investment? How do you gauge the overall success of your local SEO campaign and

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The New Spambot-Free Instagram Is Now Worth $35 Billion

You’ve got to clear out the crap in your life if you want to have room for prosperity. That’s just good feng shui! And look how well it’s worked out for Instagram.

More than 18.9 million fake users vanished from the photo-sharing service between Wednesday and Thursday as Instagram actively deleted spambots, the New York Times reports. And voila! On Friday, Citigroup issued a note valuing Instagram at $35 billion. 

That’s a heck of a return on the $1 billion Facebook paid for the company in 2012. Still, the nearly 55% percent boost over Citigroup’s previous valuation—$19 billion—likely isn’t the total result of the recent Instagram Rapture that depleted celebrity Instagram accounts which attract advertisers with high follower counts. Instagram announced last week that it now has more than 300 million users excluding the deleted spambots—rapid growth that now makes it bigger than bigger than Twitter, with 284 million users.

Like Twitter, Instagram will soon verify its famous users, which might take some of the sting out of the 3.5 million followers Justin Bieber lost to the Instagram rapture, or the 1.3 million Kim Kardashian lost on her account.

Being verifiably famous on Instagram means big money for photo-sharing celebrities willing to endorse brands through the social network. It also means a black market in fake Twitter followers in the form of spambots that can be purchased for a price.

Trouble is, spambots can’t be manipulated into buying stuff a Kardashian says is cool. Still, the industry of shadow followers hasn’t spooked Citigroup, which projects Instagram has the potential to earn as $2 billion annually for Facebook. 


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Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015? – Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch
Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?
Search Engine Watch
It's that time of year again – time to finalize the operating budget for 2015. In my corporate life, I found that marketing budgets were often the most "fluid" of all expense items. That's a nice way of saying it was frequently the first place to cut
Internet Marketing Kings, a SEO Services Company, Offers Free Internet EIN News (press release)

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Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?

Let’s cut to the chase: Of course SEO is still worth it. If you have been having trouble determining what to spend, here are some calculations to help you develop a budget.

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Is SEO Still Worth the Effort? – Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community
Is SEO Still Worth the Effort?
Business 2 Community
However, SEO isn't dead and if you focus on what Google is trying to do, you can be successful at helping it find and rank your website. Originally, the goal of search engines was to index and rank websites so that people looking for information could

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4 Reasons Why Quality SEO Will Cost You, and Why It’s Worth It – Entrepreneur

4 Reasons Why Quality SEO Will Cost You, and Why It's Worth It
SEO is expensive — let's just establish that now and get it out of the way. A quick Google search for “search engine optimization companies” will turn up results ranging from agencies that have a minimum monthly engagement fee of $5,000 to fly-by

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Snapchat Is $10 Billion Worth Of Serious Business

Rumor has it Yahoo wants to win back some cool company credibility by investing in ephemeral photo and video messaging app Snapchat. The funding hasn’t closed yet, but according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the round values the company at $10 billion. 

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Snapchat’s skyrocketing popularity and massive valuation has befuddled some people, especially when the startup reportedly spurned a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook last year. How is an application that lets you send and receive photos and videos from friends (and brands!) worth that much?

The messaging app doesn’t make money yet. But it’s reportedly exploring options for brands and publishers to offer paid news and advertising directly to Snapchatters. In the meantime, people who are confident of the app’s success are pointing directly to one group of mobile users driving its success—young people.

How To Understand Snapchat

And nothing will make you understand that faster than a new video by videographer Casey Neistat. His video “Snapchat Murders Facebook” includes, among other things (including a killer repurposing of clips from GoodfellasKill Bill and Breaking Bad ), interviews with several young people at a mass Snapchat-inspired gathering at New York City’s Union Square. That event took place spontaneously after a guy named Jerome Jarre, who collected a million followers by his third week on Snapchat, shared an invitation via a Snapchat “story” to join him there one afternoon.

On his way to Union Square, Jarre ran into a fan on the train who was heading to his event. And when he arrived at the park, hordes of fans greeted him. All because they saw his invite appear in the palm of their hands. 

When Neistat asked the young people how frequently they use Snapchat, most replied they use it every day. Additionally, the guys and girls he spoke with seemed disenchanted with Facebook, and instead used Snapchat’s “stories” function to give friends a glimpse into their daily life for 24 hours before it disappears. 

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Instead of friends posting old photos to Facebook or Instagram, the people said that knowing what their friends were doing in the moment, letting them glimpse into their personal life without filters or tailored posts, was more meaningful.

Some of the more telling quotes from the young men and women were:

  • “The real question is when I do I not use Snapchat.” 
  • “I check Snapchat often. People send me 100 seconds worth of snaps.”
  • “I like it because there are actual stories, and it’s fun to watch.” 
  • “None of my friends use Facebook anymore.”

Snapchat Gliding Over All

Neistat’s video depicts the downfall of older social networks like Friendster and Myspace, and suggests that Snapchat might be a Facebook killer. Facebook isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but considering Snapchat’s popularity as a messaging service across the world, it may, at least, be the next WhatsApp, a company Facebook scooped up for $19 billion

Snapchat still has some growing pains. Snap spam is a rampant problem for some people who elect to receive snaps from anyone, and the company has faced controversy over its privacy policies, and forced to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over lying to consumers about privacy. (Oops, LOL.) 

And it still has to figure out how to make money from the photos and videos that last for anywhere from seconds a snap, to 24-hour stories. This may be a bigger problem than admirers like Neistat let on.

Still, Snapchat is no longer the simple sexting app it used to be—and some people are finally realizing it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. 

Lead image screencapped from Casey Neistat’s video

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6 New iOS 8 Features Worth Anticipating

Today, Apple’s new iOS 8 software officially hits people’s iPhones and iPads, and it looks … well, basically the same as iOS 7. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some handy new features under the hood. 

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Apple calls it “the biggest iOS release ever,” and that’s apropos, since it launches together with the biggest iPhones ever, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. On its website, the company highlights three sections: “What’s new in iOS 8,” “What is iOS,” and “New power for developers.” 

This version of the iPhone software has given developers more tools and more freedom than they’ve ever had before to come up with cool, new iPhone apps and features. These join a few changes the company made to its own software, and, it hopes, the end result will offer several new conveniences for users. 

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Assuming you’re able to download and install iOS 8—as is typical, Apple’s servers are currently jammed—what you’ll get are several features intended to make using your iPhone better and easier. Such as these:

Apps Will Work Together Better

For years, iOS developers had to keep their apps isolated, unable to communicate with other apps on your handset. To get around that, some synced their services and data to online accounts, which tied to other services over the Internet, and those services synced back to your phone. That’s a lot of runaround, just so apps could talk to each other.

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Now Apple offers a new Extensions tool for app makers, and with this, they can share features—like your favorite photo filters now being available to other camera apps, or having the ability to move data between apps, like password managers. LastPass and other apps may actually save and fill out the logins you use in separate apps or Web browsers.

Changes In iPhones, iPads and Macs Show Up Everywhere

This year, Apple took a big step closer to bringing its desktop and mobile software together, thanks to a new under-the-hood function called Handoff. It lets iPhone users who also have Macs running OS X 10.10 Yosemite answer phone calls on their computers, or access documents between those devices.

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Given that Yosemite hasn’t launched yet, you’ll want to save this under “stuff to look forward to.” In the meantime, related features like iCloud Drive might cause some interruptions. So depending on which apps you rely on the most, you might not want to activate this function quite yet. But hold tight. Yosemite may be coming as early as next month.

Handoff will work for a range of Apple apps, including Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts.

Get Your Fingers Ready With New Keyboards

Not satisfied with the built-in iOS virtual keyboard? You’ll love this one: Now you have some options for switching it out.

One of the most anticipated alternate keyboards is Swype, which lets people “swipe” words by dragging their finger from one key to the next instead of laboriously tapping away. Swype will be coming to iPhone users now, as will other keyboards that make commonly used functions available with one tap.

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If you stick with Apple’s stock keyboard, you’ll be glad to know that can also do a new trick: Predictive text—which seems to know the word you were trying to type—gets a boost here. It can also guess what you’re trying to say next, based on what app you’re using, who you’re talking to and what you’ve already entered.

More Smidges Of Widgets Heading To Notifications Center

Last year, Apple put a few limited widgets—those updated bits of extra info—for things like weather and calendar appointments into its Notification Center. Now, more apps will be able to take advantage of that precious real estate.

These aren’t full-blown widgets as Android owners have come to know them, nor are they the “live tiles that grace Windows Phones. But it does put handy, updated information in one place, so users can check that without fully launching apps.

A La Shazam! Siri, Identify That Music!

Siri got a a little bit smarter, at least when it comes to things like music. Thanks to deeper Shazam integration, iPhone users can launch the voice assistant and vocalize a song inquiry. That’s fancy talk for asking your phone to tell you what song is currently playing. Neat.

Family Sharing To Corral Those Kids

Apple seems to know how huge its mobile products are among shared family households. In fact, a quick look at restaurants across the country reveals that iPhones and iPads have become essential parenting tools to keep the kiddies quiet during meal time.

The challenge: You can’t put those rugrats in charge of their own iTunes accounts, lest they overload your credit card with pricey apps or in-app purchases.

iOS 8 now lets up to six users share iTunes and iBook titles, as well as apps, photo albums, family calendars. The Family Sharing feature also gives parents greater control over purchases, so those rugrats—ahem, I mean little darlings—can’t run up huge sums on “Dora the Explorer” apps.

When a child wants to download a new app, song or book, iOS 8 will essentially ping parents with a purchase request they can then permit or refuse.

Of course, iOS 8 comes with a slew of other new tools and features—using Touch ID fingerprint recognition to authenticate your identity for apps or even shopping transactions could be amazing. A lot depends on whether all this, not to mention Apple’s new Apple Pay service, work as well as the company suggests. More on that should come out over the weeks and months ahead.

In the meantime, if you’re game to give iOS 8 a whirl, it’s a free download available to anyone with a recent Apple mobile device—an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad mini, or later, as well as the fifth-generation iPod touch. It will also come installed on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which land in new customers’ hands as early as Friday. 

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For Every Link You Earn There Are Five More Worth Building

How did we arrive at the trend of “link earning,” and why does link building sometimes sound like a dirty word? The answer: Google Penguin.

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