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SearchPro Systems Named Second Best Video SEO Company by … – MarketWatch

SearchPro Systems Named Second Best Video SEO Company by
SearchPro Systems has been awarded the rank of second top video SEO service in the monthly rankings at due to their fast customer response times, their comparative performance over previous months, and their dedication towards excellence. Acknowledges eMarketing Concepts as the Third Best Local SEO SYS-CON Media (press release) Announces Rank Executives as the Fifth Best Local SEO Company Digital Journal

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Facebook Introduces “Hello” and Video Calling for Messenger by @thebigdebowski

Facebook made two major updates to their messaging services: one allows you to make video calls and the other allows you to call people or businesses from Facebook.

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Facebook Brings You Face-To-Face With Video Calling In Messenger

Facebook just rolled out a new update for Messenger that lets users place video calls to each other.

Given its name, it’s no real surprise that Facebook is bringing “faces” to its messaging service. But the move covers a gaping hole for Messenger. Video has become a fundamental feature in online communication, and the lack of face-to-face chats seemed like a major omission—particularly for a service Facebook hopes to turn into a bona fide platform.

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A Growing Messaging Juggernaut

According to Facebook, more than 600 million people use Messenger every month. The number seems impressive on the surface, but it’s not like users had much of a choice. The company made the standalone Messenger app mandatory last summer for anyone who wanted to continue chatting with their Facebook friends.

Messaging was just the beginning. Last year, the social network rolled out audio calling over its standalone messaging app worldwide, and according to a company rep, Messenger now accounts for “more than 10% of all mobile VoIP (or voice over Internet) calls globally.”

Its primary benefit: ease of use. With most messaging apps, users can only communicate with others who have also signed up for the service, and often people must know the phone number, email address or username of the recipient. But Facebook already has a massive user base, and people can easily chat with friends simply by typing in their names. No fuss, and no extra steps to add people necessary. 

Now they can fire up Messenger to talk to their faces, too.

However, privacy-minded individuals may not love the thought of piping even more of their communications through a single company—one that already owns their Facebook texts and calls, shares and logins. And the network’s hungry for more.

The Messenger Platform Play

Call Facebook’s Messenger strategy an all-out offensive to own as much of the world’s communications as possible.

The company announced its platform play last month at the F8 developer conference, where it introduced new developer tools and e-commerce initiatives. Messenger just got the ability to embed GIFs, send money to a user’s friends and integrate directly with outside apps. Video has also loomed large recently, with the social network foisting its own embedded videos, as well as the ability to put playable Facebook videos on other sites.

Now video chats have clearly infiltrated Messenger. Less clear is whether those will come with some sort of ad targeting one day. That may come if Facebook ever launches it for the browser version. For now, it’s a mobile-only affair, from one smartphone to another. It will be available through updates to the Messenger apps on iPhones and Android devices. 

For a look at how it will work, check out Facebook’s promo video embedded below. 

Images courtesy of Facebook

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This Project Fi Video Might Hint At A New Google Nexus Phone

There’s a new reason to think Google might be prepping a new Nexus smartphone—possibly one that might fill the gap left by its just-discontinued Nexus 5.

The latest speculation centers on a Google informational video for its new wireless service, Project Fi (h/t Android Pit). It’s meant to show users how to check their data usage on the new service, which at the moment is only compatible with Nexus 6 smartphones. Despite that, the Nexus 6 is conspicuously absent from the video:

As evidence goes, this is relatively thin: The video only shows an animated rendering of a smartphone, not an actual device. Still, it’s odd that Google wouldn’t use the Nexus 6 design. Take a look at the Nexus 6 in this side-by-side comparison:

The Nexus 6 on the left has rounded corners and a microphone grill on the bottom that mimics the speaker grill on the top. By contrast, the rendered device on the right is much more angular at the corners and seems to lack a microphone on the front face of the device.

Now, the device on the right isn’t anything more than a rendering of a Project Fi-compatible Android device. But its design seems to consciously differ enough from the Nexus 6 to raise some serious questions.

Google’s response doesn’t exactly settle the question. A company spokesperson told me by email: “These renderings are based on a generic phone modeled off the Nexus 5.”

So let’s ponder not only whether Google has plans for a new pure Android device, but what a revamped Nexus 5 should bring to the table.

Walk This Huawei

In early March, rumors started to circulate that the Chinese manufacturer Huawei might be at work on a new Nexus smartphone. The company made waves with its announcement of its Android Wear-running Huawei Watch at MWC, so a deeper collaboration with Google doesn’t seem out of the question. The smartphone in the video could be evidence of that collaboration.

The Huawei Watch could be but the first sign of a deeper relationship with Google.

Moreover, 9to5Google reported on Thursday that Nexus 6 sales have been disappointing relative to previous Nexii. Given that the Motorola-made phablet is integral to the launch of Project Fi, a paucity of Nexus 6 devices out in the wild would limit the actual impact of Google’s wireless service.

It’s entirely possible that Project Fi could spur new Nexus 6 sales, but the device’s big size (and equally big price tag, which starts at $650) makes that a dicey proposition.

Expensive, huge, and hard to find, the Nexus 6 hasn’t set the world on fire.

By contrast, a new Nexus device that works with Project Fi could solve many of those problems at once. If Google’s plan is to make wireless service more affordable and fair, it would do well to offer a Project Fi compatible, less-expensive device to update its late, lamented Nexus 5.

Google’s non-denial denial leaves open the question of whether the device in this video could be a new Nexus phone—or even if there are plans to expand Project Fi to non-Nexus 6 smartphones. I’m dying to jump onto Google’s service, so I sincerely hope the answer to both questions is “yes.”

Lead screenshot via Google video; side-by-side comparison rendered by Brian Rubin for ReadWrite; Huawei Watch image courtesy of Huawei; Nexus 6 image via Google

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Google: Online Video a “Must” For Mobile Marketing by @mattsouthern

According to Google, online video is a must-have component for your mobile marketing strategy, stating: “Mobile viewers are in fact more likely to watch, share, and feel connected to ads and branded video.” Google’s latest research indicates that 50% of global viewership on YouTube comes from mobile devices. Apparently, attention spans are also better on mobile. This is particularly true of the millennial audience who are reportedly 2X more likely to be focused while watching a video on their mobile device compared to something on TV. In addition, when people watch ads on smartphones they’re said to feel more personally […]

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NAPLES, FL, Apr 23, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — The independent authority on search marketing,, has named SearchPro Systems the 2nd best video SEO agency for April 2015. SearchPro Systems was selected due to their strong … Selects Rank Executives as the Fifth Best Local SEO Firm for April Marketwired (press release)
eMarketing Concepts Named Third Best Local SEO Firm by for Military Technologies

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Video Bamboo – 4 Ways Video Content Can Hurt User Engagement, Content Quality, and SEO

Video content can be an important part of a rounded content strategy, but it can also cause serious SEO problems. Here are four ways your video content can cause engagement problems, along with how to keep that from happening.

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Twitter Redesigns Embedded Tweets With Full-Width Photo and Video by @mattsouthern

Twitter’s embedded tweets are about to get a makeover, the company revealed today in a blog post where it offered a glimpse of the new look. The first thing you may notice is how much space is devoted to visual content. Images now go edge to edge, and will dynamically adjust size and resolution based on the device they’re being loaded on. Here’s an example provided by Twitter: “This latest design makes it easier to tell engaging stories by beautifully integrating tweets into your content. In the three years since we first introduced embedded tweets, Twitter has become much more […]

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SEO 101 Series: Using the H1 Tag [VIDEO] – Vertical Measures (blog)

Vertical Measures (blog)
SEO 101 Series: Using the H1 Tag [VIDEO]
Vertical Measures (blog)
This is the first of six SEO 101 series videos on the fundamental building blocks that make up well optimized websites. Each post over the next 6 weeks will cover a different topic in short, to-the-point videos that will help you ensure the health of

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5 Tips to Boost Your Video SEO Strategy [#CZLNY]

Filling all description fields and shooting videos with mobile devices in mind are just two video SEO tips St. Peter’s Healthcare System’s online strategy manager shared at ClickZ Live New York.

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