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Who Leads The Digital PR Discussion on Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC] by @wonderwall7

Curious about what the top influencers in digital PR are saying? Using 10 keywords, Fractl partnered with BuzzStream to analyze nearly 5,000 tweets to uncover more about top influencers and their sentiments, trending topics, and which countries are leading the discussion on Twitter. The infographic below highlights some key findings, including: Over 50% of marketing discussions on Twitter aim to share helpful information, with 31% of tweets including links or suggestions on improvement within the industry Tweets are overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of #pressrelease, which is over 50% neutral – likely related to its usage with news announcements The top […]

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Twitter Teams Up With Bing To Offer Translated Tweets by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced today it is bringing back project it terminated in 2013, which is the ability for users to view tweets in multiple languages. Now the company is teaming up with Bing and its translation engine to make translated tweets a reality once again. You can manually enable the translations by logging in to your account on a desktop or laptop computer, going to your account settings, and changing your tweet translation setting by checking the box next to ‘Show Tweet translations’. Once tweet translations are enabled you can view a tweet translation by looking for the globe icon located […]

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Twitter To Show Tweets You Missed ‘While You Were Away’ by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced today that its introducing a new feature on everyone’s home timeline where you’ll be shown an overview of popular tweets you may have missed from accounts you follow. The announcement states: “A lot can happen while you’re on the go. To fill in some of those gaps, we will surface a few of the best Tweets you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, determined by engagement and other factors.” The ‘while you were away’ recap will appear more or less frequently depending on how you use Twitter. If you only check in on Twitter in short bursts you’ll see […]

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Twitter Buys ZipDial To Target Emerging Markets In India

Twitter is primed to become even chattier with the company’s acquisition of ZipDial, a move that will make the social service accessible to more people around the world. The deal is said to be in the range of $30 million.

A product partner based in Bangalore, India, ZipDial offers a mobile platform that allows people with only intermittent Internet access to engage on Twitter. Christian Oestlien, VP of Product for Twitter, explains the technicalities in a recent blog post:

“For example, through ZipDial, it’s easy to engage with a publisher or brand by making a toll-free ‘missed call’ to a designated phone number. The caller will then begin receiving inbound content and further engagement on their phone in real time through voice, SMS or an app notification.”

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When it comes to increasing Web accessibility, the Twitter ZipDial acquisition is akin to the Facebook WhatsApp acquisition. Last February, Facebook snagged the messaging company for $19 billion in order to secure users in areas around the globe where cell phone Internet access is more widespread than desktop.

As social media companies trend toward full market saturation in the developed world, they turn their eye toward the developing one. The Internet that today’s emerging markets encounter will be far more social than the Web frontiers of the past.

Photo by Tsahi Levent-Levi

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U.K. Prime Minister Wants In On Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts

British Prime Minister David Cameron will enlist President Barack Obama’s help in accessing user info on Facebook and Twitter’s when the world leaders meet in the Oval Office on Friday, the Guardian reports. Good luck with that.

Cameron proposed on Monday banning encrypted messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime that are inaccessible to Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) eavesdropping center. (Good luck with that, too.)  

 As the first world leader to meet with Obama following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Cameron will ask the president to urge U.S. Internet companies such as Facebook and Twitter to surrender user communications upon request. “Comprehensive legislation” expanding electronic surveillance in the hunt for terrorists is a major part of Cameron’s re-election campaign. And it’s one he’s pushing to gain traction on following the terrorist attack on the Paris office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

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“The prime minister’s objective here is to get the U.S. companies to cooperate with us more, to make sure that our intelligence agencies get the information they need to keep us safe,” a U.K. government source told the Guardian. “That will be his approach in the discussion with President Obama–how can we work together to get them to cooperate more, what is the best approach to encourage them to do more.”

It’s an ambitious goal, given the ongoing revelations from Edward Snowden about the extent of government surveillance on U.S. citizens, as well as other world leaders. Since Snowden first shared classified information from the the National Security Agency (NSA), tech companies continue a public relations offensive to distance themselves from government interference. Published transparency reports detailing government requests for information are now de rigueur in Silicon Vally. 

Last May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed on his Facebook page a phone call he made to Obama to tell the president he is, “confused and frustrated by the repeated reports of the behavior of the U.S. government. When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we’re protecting you against criminals, not our own government.” 

Whats more, Cameron’s requests run somewhat counter to Obama’s own call for tech security. On Monday, while Cameron demanded access to Snapchat and the like, Obama called for stronger cybersecurity laws in connection to data breaches, including the recent attack on Sony. The president also champions better communication between corporations and the government in detecting cyber threats. 

Lead image courtesy U.K. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


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“While You Were Away” Rolls Out On Twitter

Twitter has rolled out its first non-chronological feature, TechCrunch reports.

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Called “While You Were Away,” the feature operates similarly to the Facebook timeline, highlighting the “best” tweets that occurred while you were off Twitter. The rollout follows Twitter’s preview of the feature back in November.

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“While You Were Away” is not yet live for all users, and Twitter has declined to comment on when it will be. It’s also unknown how the Twitter algorithm chooses which tweets in your feed constitute its “best” content.

Illustration by Nigel Sussman for ReadWrite

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Now Sony Is Squawking Legal Threats At Twitter And Its Users

Sony Pictures Entertainment has started issuing legal threats to Twitter and its users in its latest attempt to stem the spread of its internal documents following its epic hack by a group of hackers possibly linked to North Korea. 

According to Motherboard, Sony has sent a letter to Twitter saying that if Twitter does not remove tweets with private Sony information, it “will have no choice but to hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss” resulting from said tweets. 

The letter also requests the suspension of one @BikiniRobotArmy, an account run by Val Broeksmit, a musician Sony accuses of having disseminated leaked information. 

Earlier this month, Sony sent similar letters to publications including the New York Times, Recode and the Hollywood Reporter, demanding that they stop publishing information obtained from internal Sony emails and to destroy existing copies. Twitter general counsel Vijaya Gadde has said previously that Twitter is committed to improving transparency with its users. 

North Korea was implicated by U.S. intelligence sources as being “centrally involved” in the cyber attack on Sony, and on Friday, President Barack Obama said that the U.S. would respond. As of Monday, North Korea experienced an extended internet outage, with intermittent outages on Tuesday as well. 

This is familiar ground for Sony in a way, as the company was subject to a 2011 security breach involving the personal data of over 70 million Playstation users. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Sony had been warned about another security breach in its network a year ago by an outside contractor. 

Photo by Brian Evans

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SEO Social Strategy: Twitter Tweak Generates Big Traffic Gains – The Content Standard by Skyword

The Content Standard by Skyword
SEO Social Strategy: Twitter Tweak Generates Big Traffic Gains
The Content Standard by Skyword
SEO concept The emphasis on SEO follows an up-and-down trajectory with search engines. Back in 2009, Twitter gave Google access to all tweets produced in real-time, and Google's search results featured Twitter content. But in 2011, the deal ended.
Q&A: Starcom Mediavest's Oscar Romero on mainstreaming search and The Drum

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New Twitter Study From @StoneTemple Shows How Mentions, Length, and Images Affect Engagement by @wonderwall7

Eric Enge and his Stone Temple Consulting team have released on a new study on Twitter engagement today, specifically examining the effects of metrics like hashtag length, social authority, and images on the number of Favorites and Retweets. Eric gave me an exclusive interview on the study and how its insights are important to social media marketers. 1. It seems like you use the Twitter API to pull data. How can marketers utilize the API to pull data to make choices about their campaigns? Great question, and not one I have spent much time thinking about, but here is an […]

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Instagram Is Now Larger Than Twitter With 300 Million Monthly Active Users by @mattsouthern

Instagram announced a new milestone today — less than a year after hitting the 200 million monthly active user mark the photo and video sharing service is now celebrating 300 million monthly active users. These latest numbers represent a jump of 50% in only 9 months. If you’re keeping score, that means it’s now well ahead of Twitter’s monthly active user count, which was last reported to be 284 million. With a reported 70 million photos and videos being shared each day, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom states that the company is “thrilled to watch this community thrive and witness the […]

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