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Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App Lets You Turn Videos Into Time Lapses by @mattsouthern

Instragram stated in an announcement today that one of their priorities has always been to provide users with “simple yet powerful tools that let people capture moments and express their creativity.” Staying true to their mission statement, Instagram has introduced a new app called Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse lets users capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. A traditional time lapse video typically rely on you holding the still while filming. Hyperlapse offer built-in stabilization technology that lets you create time lapse videos while on the movie. Instagram promises that Hyperlapse will create videos that “result in a cinematic look, […]

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Search Marketers: The Time To Focus On Mobile User Experience Is Now

Ignore smartphone and tablet users at your own peril. Columnist Susan Waldes shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of user experience with mobile search ads.

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Verizon’s Planned App Store Is The Dumbest Carrier Idea In Some Time

Reporting from the world of terrible ideas, The Information claims Verizon Wireless is scheming to create a new Android app store to compete with Google’s own Play Store. 

The carrier’s plan is currently at an early stage, according to reporter Amir Efrati, who adds that there’s no concrete launch timeframe. As a result, it’s hard to know whether Verizon’s plan, if it exists, is much more than a trial balloon at this point.

Still, let’s hear it out. Verizon is supposedly wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, hoping to give its upcoming store a global reach by getting other wireless operators and tech companies on board. For now, its supposed plan is to use data—like user location, time of day and social data—to power app recommendations.

Cue the eye roll. 

Verizon Makes A Play … For Your Wallet

Telecoms have long wanted to prove that they’re more than just dumb pipes channeling in data for other companies’ benefit. Unfortunately, that ambition usually—make that, “almost always”—translates into unwanted features and pricey services forced on consumers.

No one likes having their Internet service or real estate on their phones held for ransom. One big reason the iPhone took off the way it did was that Apple managed to wrest away control of the phone from the carriers, much to the benefit of users everywhere.

In that context, this reported plan looks like little more than a lame money grab. Verizon subscribers already have access to Google Play, and they can even pay for those apps from their wireless bills. So an alternative app store doesn’t seem to fill any need or solve any problems for people.

There’s also no reason to believe that Verizon, whose own stock apps are for the most part awful bloatware, really understands very much about app development. It would have to, if it wants build relationships with the developers who would populate its store.

Let’s not forget that Verizon tried this before in 2010, with little to show for it but a big bucket of fail. That store, aimed at Android and BlackBerry users, limped along for three years before the carrier finally pulled the plug in January 2013. 

Follow The Money

If the Verizon plan is a reality, it seems to reflect a collective fear among carriers that they’ve failed to dip their buckets deeply enough into the app revenue stream. Sprint also just announced its own app store, called App Pass, a subscription service that assumes users will be happy paying $5 a month to use a collection of paid apps selected by Sprint. That might be a bargain if you believe Sprint has your best interests at heart—as opposed, say, to those of its corporate partners.

Unsurprisingly, money likewise seems to be at the heart of whatever Verizon thinks it’s cooking up. The Information reports that its app-store strategy is a direct response to Google scaling back its app revenue-sharing arrangement with carriers and hardware manufacturers.

How unlike the mobile carriers we’ve come to know and love.

Lead photo courtesy of Shutterstock

UPDATE: Verizon denies that it’s readying an app store, but The Information’s Amir Efrati is sticking to his guns, tweeting, “Verizon spokeswoman says ‘no plans’ for app store. I and @theinformation stand by this report 100%…” 

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Time Out: Twitter Is Officially Mucking With Your Timeline

Your Twitter timeline is no longer reserved for people you follow. A recent addition to Twitter’s “What’s A Twitter Timeline?” page explains to users that people may start to see “popular” or “relevant” links appearing in their timeline, a space originally reserved for tweets and retweets from the people you’ve chosen to follow.

The change, first spotted by The Next Web, is expected—this month Twitter tested two new features that displayed tweets that weren’t explicitly shared in your timeline. Now it appears Twitter is officially rolling out this new timeline structure that includes suggested follows and favorites as retweets from accounts you don’t follow.

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Twitter explains how it will decide which tweets to show you in its revised Help Center page:

Additionally, when we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don’t follow. We select each Tweet using a variety of signals, including how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it. Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting

The move to share tweets from people you don’t follow and weren’t retweeted into your timeline is an effort to make the platform easier for new users to discover new people or brands to follow. 

While the timeline change may be a welcome gift to newbies, it’s an off-putting feature for hardcore Twitter users. Many people who are used to Twitter have already carefully pruned their follow lists to minimize the odds of seeing tweets from people and topics they aren’t interested in.

Lead image by marek.sotak

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Earmuffs: The Weirdest SEO Advice of All Time – Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community
Earmuffs: The Weirdest SEO Advice of All Time
Business 2 Community
In today's world, off-page SEO is becoming more important than ever. Inbound links, for example, still drive a lot of the Google juice your website receives. Social signals are also becoming more important, and are starting to drive rankings. Those are
Focus on the Big Picture, and Your Website Will ThriveEntrepreneur (blog)
25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WebsiteWordStream (blog)
How to Write 15000 Words in 11 HoursSearch Engine People (blog)

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Watch as One World Trade Center Comes to Life in a Stunning Time Lapse

<em>Editor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at <a href=”″>PopSugar Tech</a>.</em>

Across the street from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum now resides the tallest building in the United States, One World Trade Center. Thanks to its 408-foot long spire, the skyscraper reaches 1,776 feet, soaring beyond the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Photographer Benjamin Rosamond had a front-row view to the tower’s construction as it began its ascent into the Manhattan skyline and did what any person with this amazing view would do—mount a camera to their living room window and record as a feat of modern engineering unfolds in front of them. Construction of the building was met with countless delays, with the exterior completed in 2013, seven years after concrete was first poured.

Benjamin had the cameras pointed at the skyline from February 2011 to July 2014, amassing somewhere between 30,000 to 50,000 total photos, which he whittled down to the 1,100 photos you see here for the sake of time (and possibly sanity). Plus, these included the best-looking shots, usually taken shortly after sunrise, when the colors of the buildings and sky are most picturesque. In addition to the living room camera, he occasionally set up one on a tripod on his bathroom—can we have that bathroom view?!—with a long lens to zoom in on specifics of the scene.

And that gorgeous twilight and evening finale to the tower’s construction? That’s comprised of photos from just one sunrise and one sunset, where you can see the literal passage of time with the glowing hands of the clock tower to the right off One World Trade Center. In fact, Benjamin told us, that in itself is the beauty of time lapse: “It shows progress that is not visibly obvious to the naked eye … it highlights the changes that happen too slowly to notice in real time.”

Visits Benjamin’s photography site for more of his breathtaking cityscapes.

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It Really Is About Time For Apple To Start Tweeting

Lots of people jumped to the conclusion that Apple’s hire of a prominent social-media marketer meant that the iPhone maker might be ready to relax its infamous reality distortion field and dive into the social-media age.

Too bad that’s not likely to happen, at least not on the scale Apple really needs. Because it’s way past time for the company to embrace modern methods of charming and manipulating the emotions of its fans.

The confusion involved Apple’s hire of Musa Tariq, who ran notable social media operations for both Nike and Burberry. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, who’s compiled a strong record of reliable Apple scoops, broke the news of the hire, writing that Tariq would serve as “Digital Marketing Director, Apple,” and speculating that “[w]ith this newfound expertise on its staff, it seems likely that Apple’s social media presence will grow rapidly.”

There’s just one little problem. Have a look at this screenshot of Tariq’s Twitter profile, taken Tuesday afternoon, and see if you can figure it out:

That’s right! Tariq’s actual title appears to be “Digital Marketing Director, Apple Retail.” Not to diminish the importance of the Apple Store empire, but that’s a much smaller playground than all of Apple. So it seems much more likely that Tariq will be focused on campaigns to draw more customers into Apple’s big glass boxes than on anything that might speak more broadly for the company.

Which is a huge shame—and maybe even a giant missed opportunity for Cupertino.

Apple, The Anti-Social Company

Apple, the largest publicly traded company on the planet, does not have what the business kids call a “social media strategy.” It doesn’t even have a verified @Apple Twitter account. (The unverified @Apple account has almost 28,000 followers, but follows no one and has never tweeted.)

You can see why folks were excited about Tariq’s hiring. He’s the guy who got Nike to dump outside agencies and create a completely internal social media department which partnered with prominent athletes. While at Burberry, his “Tweetwalk” campaign during London Fashion Week in 2011 provided “exclusive” info to followers and kicked significant Burberry buzz on Twitter.

This is the kind of social media savvy Apple could use to dust off its crusty social media accounts and catch up with competitors already on the ball.

Take, for example, how Samsung won the social media #Oscars thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o, Brad Pitt and half of Jared Leto’s head in an orchestrated celebriselfie retweeted more than 3 million times.

Meanwhile, Microsoft makes the most of its LinkedIn presence with tips on finding and keeping jobs, along with up-close-and-personal profiles on its employees for nearly 2 million followers.

There have been a few signs that Apple officials are concerned about a perceived erosion in their brand image. Ad Age, for instance, reported in June that Apple is building a 1,000-person “internal” ad agency to rejuvenate its marketing message. Phil Schiller, Apple’s VP of global marketing, has expressed unhappiness with the company’s campaigns and its current ad agency in internal emails that surfaced in recent Apple lawsuits.

All that attention, though, is focused on the company’s traditional advertising strategy. If Apple really wants to freshen up its image, it needs to take a long, hard look at engaging on the social front.

Baby Tweets

Apple, of course, isn’t a complete social naïf. CEO Tim Cook has 569,000 Twitter followers—not bad, considering he’s tweeted only about 80 times from his verified account.

And the company has a handful of verified Twitter accounts representing various divisions, with a respectable number of followers. For example, @iTunesMusic, which “joined” Twitter in 2009, has nearly million followers. And @AppStore, launching the same year, has almost 3 million.

That doesn’t mean social gets a lot of respect in Cupertino.

Cook’s predecessor, the late Steve Jobs, wasn’t one for Twitter, or any social media really—although he was known to answer the occasional email. It was in keeping with that Jobsian reality distortion field, that ambitious vision of the future that engulfed those around him, as well as Jobs’ obsession with tightly controlling any and all information in Apple’s dealings with journalists and consumers.

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Apple’s control-freakdom has loosened up a little under Cook, though not a whole lot. “There is no way that Apple is going to take questions via the Twitter universe for its notoriously secretive earnings call,” Belus Capital analyst Brian Sozzi told CNBC in February. “Apple isn’t going to be like Starbucks and run promoted tweets offering dollars off a product for a limited time. Apple is a premium experience all around, you go to Apple, they do not go to you.”

As 9to5Mac noted, Schiller himself has cuttingly dismissed the value of a focused social media strategy and suggested that social channels are something he can track by himself:

I think paying money for social media tracking tools is nuts. It is easy to track social media, I do it every day, there are lots of summary feeds, groups, and notification tools built right in to the social networking sites, all free. 

Nothing encapsulates the strengths and weaknesses of Apple’s social interaction better than its official YouTube channel, which currently features 44 videos. Many come with the pretty songs and high production values that Apple commercials are known for—which isn’t that surprising, since many of them are Apple TV ads or videos produced for its live events.

None, however, feature input from Apple’s more than one million YouTube followers. The comments are turned off. So when Apple asks in the description of some of its iPad videos, “What will your verse be?”, it seems it’s not really interested in an answer.

Tariq, or someone like him, could change that. But someone’s going to have to shut off the reality-distortion field first.

Lead image by Flickr user Mahender G

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Adventure Time writer Seo Kim sketches a salute to Graham Falk’s adorable art – A.V. Club Milwaukee

Adventure Time writer Seo Kim sketches a salute to Graham Falk's adorable art
A.V. Club Milwaukee
A writer and storyboarder on Adventure Time and a webcomics favorite for her hilarious strips about pet-owning domesticity, Seo Kim is skilled at getting maximum emotional impact through streamlined, yet exaggerated stories and visuals. Her comics have …

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Brit responsible for ‘Biggest military hack of all time’ launches £40-an-hour … – ITProPortal

Brit responsible for 'Biggest military hack of all time' launches £40-an-hour
McKinnon, who successfully battled for 10 years against extradition to the US, has started a firm called Small SEO that aims to assist companies that want to rank higher on search engines, and the proprietor claims to have 20 years experience in the IT
Hacker Gary McKinnon turns into a search expertBBC News

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SEO 101 For First Time Bloggers – Business 2 Community (blog)

Business 2 Community (blog)
SEO 101 For First Time Bloggers
Business 2 Community (blog)
Launching a blog is exciting – but more exciting is seeing people actually reading and responding to your content. To make that happen, however, people need to actually find your content – and, like it or not, SEO is a big part of that. SEO – short for
Designz23 Announces New Services Including Search Engine Optimization (press release)
SEO-Google Search Quality Leaked Document Reveals Content Is Truly

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