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It Will Take “Act Of God” For Relcy To Win In Mobile Search

Last week TechCrunch profiled a “stealth” startup called Relcy, which is seeking to build a “native” search engine for mobile. The post mentions the company has raised $9 million in funding so far. In an interview with the site, founder Rohit Satapathy says his company is…

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5 Social Media Marketing Tools to Take Your Business to the Next Level by @esornoso

As Internet marketing continues to search for the ultimate way to find, attract, and retain clients, the marketplace is becoming more and more saturated with tools that promise to boost your ROI and get more people talking about your business. The biggest problem for many businesses, especially small ones, is working out which ones actually deliver on those promises. Because of this, I’ve selected five great social media marketing tools that actually work and can help improve your SMM. Peekit This free video service is a fun and interesting way to see what people are talking about on Vine. Simply type in a […]

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Chanyeol & Seo Kang Jun to take the lead for ‘Roommate’s outing to … – allkpop

Chanyeol & Seo Kang Jun to take the lead for 'Roommate's outing to
EXO's Chanyeol previously hinted on his partnering with 5urprise's Seo Kang Jun as the 'Kang Ryeol' travel agency (meaning 'Strong' and a play on words with their names Kang + Yeol) in his Instagram post. If you were curious about the details, the

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Android Wear Gets Customized; That Didn’t Take Long

One beautiful aspect about Google’s Android operating system has always been the fact that it allows developers and enthusiasts to customize it with homebuilt versions. Custom ROMs—i.e., operating-system firmware that users can “flash” onto their devices—have been part of Android since nearly the beginning.

Now custom ROMs have now come to Android Wear, Google’s version of the operating system that runs on smartwatches and wearable devices.

Meet Gohma

Android developer Jake Day has released one of the first custom ROMs for the LG G Watch, one of the first two Android Wear watches to hit the market. Day posted the ROM on RootzWiki, an Android news and information site for developers and designers.

The ROM—nicknamed Gohma after a boss in the video game Zelda—is fairly simple. It aims to improve battery life of the LG G Watch, speed up overall performance, reduce lag time between notification cards and increase vibration intensity.

Gohma isn’t a full-blown Android Wear replacement. The ROM abides by the basic user interface design principles of Wear and the LG G Watch will still take over-the-air updates to the operating system from Google and LG (which will wipe out the ROM installation). Day makes sure to note that Gohma is a small release intended to improve performance and to make sure that everything is work well before releasing a fuller version of the ROM at a later date.

Gohma is fairly easy to install. Knowledgeable developers will just need to make sure that the device’s bootloader is unlocked and the ROM script will root the device and itself, allowing for the custom software to be installed.

Unleashing The Community: A Good Thing For Smartwatches

Android Wear generally leaves a lot to be desired. It is Google’s first go at smartwatch software and, initially, it is basically just a notifications device strapped to your wrist. For the time being, that’s perfectly fine as wrist-based notifications are a (surprisingly) pleasant way to receive messages. But Android Wear and smartwatches in general have much more potential than what is currently available.

Part of that is a hardware problem as engineers are naturally limited by the capabilities of currently available processors and sensors. But the hardware in the LG G Watch is almost the equivalent of a 2011 Android smartphone, so it should be able to do much more than the notification cards and voice interaction that is currently available through the initial release of Android Wear.

See also: What Not To (Android) Wear: One Woman’s Search For Smartwatch Bliss

This is where the large community of Android developers has an opportunity to build on top of Wear through custom skins and ROMs to make it a better performing, more functional and attractive device. Day’s Gohma should just the start as the heavy hitters in the Android ROM community—like CyanogenMod—will surely get involved, pushing Android Wear development to further feats of utility and maturation.

The Android developer community doesn’t operate in a vacuum either. Google listens to developers and often implements features and requests that developers have built on their own to work around the limitations of stock Android. The Android development community is essentially one giant sandbox for Google to learn about what app builders and consumers want in the next version of the operating system.

For the last six years, this process has worked well in helping to build ever better versions of Android for smartphones and tablets. Hopefully with the first custom ROM for Android Wear, Google can learn how to build better software for smartwatches as well.

Images: Gohma via HD Wallpaper; Android LG G Watch by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite

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Are You Worried About Negative SEO? Here Is How To Take Action. – Search Engine Roundtable

Are You Worried About Negative SEO? Here Is How To Take Action.
Search Engine Roundtable
Not only have webmasters claimed negative SEO works, they are saying it is much easier to implement these days than in the past. Now, if you are worried about negative SEO, which apparently many of you are. I want you to be able to do something about it.
Links Should Only Be a Surprise? Nonsense!Search Engine Watch

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Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard

You are master of the keyword.

You create 1,000 links with a single tweet. You rank for the word “rank.” Google engineers ask for your approval before updating their algorithm.

You, my friend, are an SEO expert.

Ready for fun? Here at Moz we gathered our wits (it didn’t take very long) and created a new quiz to test our SEO knowledge.

Based on a quiz that our co-founder Rand first published back in 2005, at the dawn of electronics and lighter-than-air travel, we now present to you the new and improved
SEO Expert Quiz.

The quiz contains
50 questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The questions are randomized so no two people will get the exact same quiz with the same order of questions.

Here’s what to expect.

1. The quiz is hard! 

Like, astronaut training hard. Very few people score 100%. The breakdown of performance looks like this:

  • 0-40% SEO Newbie: You rank on page 7, but are aiming to move up.
  • 40-60% SEO Novice: Young, but strong in the ways of the Force, you are.
  • 60-75% SEO Pro: The traffic is pouring in!
  • 70-90% SEO Expert and Formula One race car driver
  • 90-100% Lord of the Internet, Master of the SEO Realm

2. For fun only!

The Expert Quiz isn’t meant to be a rulebook of the Internet. You may even disagree with some of the answers—and you may be right!

We work in a constantly evolving field with lots of room for interpretation at the top levels. Discussion and debate between very smart people is how we learn and grow our expertise.

The only reward for finishing in first place is supreme bragging rights. If you win your office pool, you may get free lunch for the next month. Please participate and help our knowledge grow, but don’t take it too seriously.

3. MVP: next steps

We built this out of passion for testing our SEO knowledge. If you like the quiz, we’d love to build a more robust version that saves your score, and even gives you a badge to display on your user profile. Let us know what you think.

Ready to get started?

Take the SEO Expert Quiz

Don’t forget to show off your score when you finish. Let us know in the comments below! What surprised you, which question did you totally ace, and what should we ask next time?

Rock on, SEO Sensei.

Big thanks to Devin, Derric, Josh, Carin, Shelly and Rand for the hard work putting this together.

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7 Search Engines That Take You Beyond Simple Site Search by @jboitnott

The Internet was born decades ago in computer science laboratories and only produced a trickle of information compared to what we see now. It has grown to the point where it flows with the pulse of our world. Users who limit queries to engines that search only webpages risk missing the most current waves of information as they flow out. Part of the challenge is recognizing the fragmented nature of information online. While Twitter, Instagramc and CNN serve different purposes, all form voices in the online conversation. When searching for particular information, it’s smart to hear all voices. A variety […]

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Take A Tour Of Spaceport America, The Crazy-Efficient Space Hub Of The Future

There are a lot of crazy things apparently hidden in the desert expanses of New Mexico, and the world’s first dedicated commercial spaceport is one of them. 

Spaceport America, which is exactly what it sounds like—an airport for space travel—is the first of its kind.

The sprawl of flat, dry land in south central New Mexico is the home to many closed-door projects (think UAV tests, precision missile launches and all of the X-Files-esque activities we certainly aren’t privy to), but Spaceport America was kind enough to open its security gates to ReadWrite and let us take a peek. 

Spaceport America is the functional hub of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s endeavor to send non-astronauts with sufficient funds into suborbital space. Elon Musk’s SpaceX also leases the space, with a few modest trailers on-site.

Driving out to the site, our tiny press group followed a truck for 30 miles off the not-so-beaten path from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Roads signs were only occasionally marked with crude drawings of a rocketship, but finding this place without a caravan would have been close to impossible. 

Spaceport America is more open to the public than at first meets the eye. A joint effort between the state of New Mexico and the booming private commercial spaceflight sector, Spaceport America intends to open its doors to the taxpayers who helped build it with an on-site visitor’s center planned for fall 2014 (and, yes, well-marked road signs too).

For a little bit, a tour bus even joined us on the tarmac.

Unfortunately, Virgin Galactic’s building didn’t offer the same openness—it’s under construction at the moment anyway, and the Virgin team comes and goes for testing and launches as needed. As Executive Director Christine Anderson explained, Virgin Galactic is Spaceport America’s foremost long-term client—and no landlord (spacelord?) lets strangers wander around when their tenant is out of town. 

Still, there was plenty to see—from Spaceport America’s tiny, efficient command center, to its 12,000-foot “spaceway,” to the up-close exterior Virgin’s LEED-certified dual hangar/terminal, a structural marvel that fits into the desert landscape functionally and visually almost as well as the wildlife. 

Christine Anderson, executive director at Spaceport America, gave us a look into mission control, a remarkably scaled-down reality compared to the mass chaos that non-private space missions (and Hollywood) have us expect.

There’s no coincidence in the proximity of Spaceport America to New Mexico’s vast swath of forbidden government testing grounds. Spaceport America coordinates closely with the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range, the largest commercial no-fly zone in the country, in order to share its unpopulated airspace.

Below is Virgin Galactic’s hub, designed to blend into its similarly low-profile surroundings.

This bay opens up for Virgin Galactic’s various spacecrafts, like SpaceShipTwo, a spacecraft that actually takes off from a horizontally-launched aircraft.

All photos by Taylor Hatmaker for ReadWrite

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Google AdWords RLSA: 3 Ways to Take Full Advantage

RLSA is a very powerful tool, especially as personalization continues as a trend across the digital landscape. Here are three tips on keyword targeting, bidding, and ad copy, plus three important reminders on how to set up RLSA for success.

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Amazon Fire TV: Meet Amazon’s Plan To Take Over Your Television

Amazon just unveiled its TV set-top box—and it’s called Amazon Fire TV.

Fire TV features a quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU, as well as 2 GB of RAM for a smooth interface and fast-launching applications and videos. Fire TV also features dual-band Wi-Fi with MIMO, so applications and videos start downloading and streaming immediately. It also supports 1080p HD support and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, but it also comes with a newfangled remote with built-in Bluetooth.

Amazon will release the Fire TV for $99, starting today.

“Fire TV has three times the power and performance of Apple TV, of Roku 3, and of Chromecast,” said Peter Larsen, VP at Amazon. “It is thinner than a dime. It fits underneath your TV, behind your TV. It fades seamlessly into the background.”

There’s a new feature called ASAP, which predicts what TV shows and movies you’re going to watch and it queues them up so they start instantly. And it learns over time, so this feature will only improve upon use.

Fire TV also features channels from countless content makers, including Netflix, Hulu+, ESPN, Showtime, TED, Disney, and more, which will join shortly after the release of Fire TV. Amazon Studios will also be releasing a number of shows this year, especially in the fall. At Wednesday’s press conference, Amazon previewed 10 new Amazon Studios original series, including “Bosch,” “Mozart In The Jungle,” and “Transparent.”

“This isn’t a closed ecosystem,” Larsen said. “It has a ton of content. But how do you find this content? This is what you do on Fire TV: (speaks) ‘John Malkovich.’ You can now see all of the movies John Malkovich is in, and easily add any of them to my Watch List. There’s a microphone integrated into the remote control so I don’t need to yell across my living room.”

You can even ask for “princess movies,” it’ll even show you all the movies in the Fire TV libraries that have princesses in them.

The Fire TV also has a few other special features, including a special hub for viewing photos from your smartphone, as well as X-Ray, a one-step process that allows Kindle Fire tablet users to see all of the characters and actors in the movie or TV show, the music that’s playing in a scene, and more.

Starting next month, Fire TV will support music apps, including anything you’ve purchased from Amazon. It even shows you lyrics on your television, which are synchronized to every song.

Amazon’s kids app FreeTime has also been adjusted for the Fire TV—there’s a new interface that’s very kid-friendly, and kids can’t leave the FreeTime app unless they use a password their parents have. But this way, it also provides a way for kids to wade through their own content without mixing into shows and movies mom and dad are watching. Parents can even set time limits on their kids, and even customize it for certain days of the week or weekend. FreeTime Unlimited offers high quality age-appropriate content, and unlimited means to explore the content so parents don’t have to play “sheriff” in the living room.

But that’s not all. Fire TV is also great for gaming.

“Millions of people have game consoles, and they love them. But many millions more don’t have gaming consoles because they can’t afford them or they don’t want to pay for them,” Larsen said. “These customers now have to go down to their smartphone or tablet or play their games there, but they’d love to play their games on TV.”

Gamers can play their games on Fire TV with the Fire TV remote, but they can also use the phones and tablets they already own to play games. Many of these gaming features are coming out next month, but Amazon already has a number of important gaming publishers lined up, including Sega, Double Fine, Disney and more—it’ll even have Minecraft, but Amazon Game Studios will also be building games from the ground-up for Fire TV and Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon even created its own video game controller—the Fire Game Controller—which will be available for $39.99 and will give users Amazon coins so they can get start their Fire TV experience with games to play. Amazon will even allow for multiplayer games, where users can play on the Fire Game Controller and the Fire TV remote control at the same time.

Fire TV games will also be much cheaper, on average, than console games. The average price of a paid game on Amazon Fire TV will be $1.85, according to the company.

In the days leading up to Wednesday’s media event in New York City, which was advertised as an “update on our video business,” various sources said Amazon would release an Android-based TV set-top box that can pull apps from the Kindle Store.

Amazon digital video services spiked in 2011—a whopping 350% growth— because the company started investing in content. Netflix and Hulu are investing in digital video services, and customers are proving how much they love the content—by watching it all on streaming media devices.

Amazon says it sells many media devices on, but the company hears about many forms of frustration from these products. Search is hard, especially for titles that aren’t on “bestseller lists,” but Amazon VP Peter Larsen said customers complain about poor or slow performance of these streaming devices.

“Customers shouldn’t have to tolerate this kind of laggy performance anymore,” Larsen said. “There’s no reason for it.”

The third major problem with TV set-top boxes is that they’re closed systems. Larsen said he owns an Apple TV and an Amazon Prime account, but you can’t access your various accounts—and if you can, you usually have to pay an extra subscription fee (Xbox Live users must pay $60 a year to access Netflix via Xbox.)

“We need to invent and simplify on behalf of customers,” Larsen said. “We created an experience that offered state-of-the-art power and performance so you can sit back, relax and lose yourself in the director’s world.”

Prior to the event, our sources close to the situation said Amazon’s device is “one of the most powerful set-top devices,” and even made mention that it would be tiny, but not a dongle—it would be more like Apple TV, but reportedly “zippier.” Our sources added Amazon’s set-top streaming box would be newsworthy for its price point, and the company would offer special features or discounts for its Amazon Prime members.

At one point, the Wall Street Journal said Amazon would unveil a free, ad-supported streaming service, but Amazon flat out denied those rumors at the time. And yet, it makes sense for Amazon to launch a set-top box that could leverage apps from Amazon’s various digital catalogues, including the Kindle ecosystem. Also, Amazon’s media streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video, features 40,000 movie and TV titles, according to Amazon.

Rumors leading up to the event differed when it came to price—some said Amazon could release an extremely competitive set-top box, around the same price or lower than Google’s $35 Chromecast, while other reports said Amazon’s device would be a “premium” gadget that would be more expensive than Chromecast, but still cost less than Apple’s $99 solution.

“Amazon already has a media ecosystem, they already have an ad network, and they already have a tested monetization strategy,” said Mark Hoelzel, a research analyst for Business Insider Intelligence. “Plus, they have 20 million Prime Members who would see a sub-$35 streaming device with unlimited Prime streaming as a no-brainer.”

All images by Dave Smith for ReadWrite

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