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OnePlus One Now On Sale To Anyone, As OnePlus 2 Ramps Up

This time last year, the OnePlus One smartphone was the stuff of phone geeks’ dreams—an advanced smartphone powered by a modified version of Android called CyanogenMod. The device was a critical success and apparently so exclusive, the company wouldn’t just let anyone buy it. You had to request an invitation first, and wait lists were long.

Now the company has opened up One sales for broad availability—which is great news, if you don’t mind picking up a year-old device. If you do, then take heart: OnePlus has a new generation up its sleeve, coming soon.

The first OnePlus One offers a high-end smartphone for the unsubsidized base price of $299 for the 16GB model, and just a wee bit more for quadruple the storage, at 64GB for $349. To purchase this self-proclaimed “flagship killer,” just visit the website, no invitation necessary.

Or you could wait for the next-generation model, the OnePlus 2, which will hit the market in the third-quarter of this year as—you guessed it—an exclusive by invitation only. Apart from the new numeral naming convention, the company hasn’t disclosed details about this device, but judging by the top-shelf specifications in its last version, the hardware could be worth the wait.

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As for software, the company’s spat with Cyanogen lead OnePlus to create its own homegrown Android modification, OxygenOS. While One users can either stick with CyanogenMod or install OxygenOS, it’s not clear yet whether OnePlus 2 users will have the same choice. The new handset could eschew the Microsoft-backed Cyanogen software altogether. 

Image courtesy of OnePlus

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The Ultimate “Back to School” Sale – Save with SMX East Early Bird Rates

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The Coolest Objects For Sale In Amazon’s New 3D Printing Store

If 3D printing doesn’t take off, it won’t be for Amazon’s lack of trying. Last year, it created a dedicated retail section to sell 3D printers and materials. Now it’s at it again, this time pushing actual 3D-printed goods—and feeding an ongoing debate about the role 3D printing should play in our lives. 

Amazon’s new 3D Printing Store launched Monday with a distinct focus on people who want to buy, not build, 3D-printed wares. Amazon already had a “3D Printers & Supplies” department which sells 3D printers, plastic filament, parts, accessories and software—stuff which will only be of interest to you if you want your own mini-factory in your house.

Shoppers can now browse through more than 200 3D-printed toys, jewelry, home goods, and other tchotchkes from vendors like Sculpteo, Mixee Labs and others—no printer required. 

Some items sold in Amazon’s store are customizable—like Mixee Labs’ toy figurines—while others have set designs, but offer a range of colors or exceedingly intricate detail.

3D printers—desktop machines that can produce three-dimensional objects from digital designs—have a direct and obvious appeal for designers, inventors, hobbyists and other “makers.” They’ve been less successful with mainstream shoppers, however.

If there’s one thing Amazon knows, it’s shopping. The site makes it easy for customers to discover, search and preview products (even in 360 degrees), while letting vendors offer their own wares by enrolling as an Amazon Seller.

If Amazon does this right, it could capture profits on both sides of the 3D printing business, by helping equip would-be creators and by providing them a place to sell their wares.

3D printing has been a subject of fascination for the technology sector and maker communities, but it’s still a hard sell for your average consumer. That’s one reason 3D-printing marketplaces shifted focus from offering 3D-printer blueprints to stores with completed products. Early pioneers Shapeways, Thingiverse and 3DLT got in on that action, inspiring newer competitors such as Threeding, Layer by Layer and Cuboyo. Even online auction site eBay and Etsy, the sellers’ site for hand-made goods, sell 3D-printed items.

With Amazon plunging further into this niche, it could spark mainstream interest in 3D-printed goods. That may ultimately be good for all players.

Some of our favorites in the new store:

“Create Your Own” Mixee Me

Some people find hyperrealistic 3D-printed figurines kind of creepy (and expensive). But this adorable “Mixee Me” doesn’t overdo it with the details, allowing it to ship quickly in just 6 to 10 days and at just $30. 

Fractal Leaves iPhone 5 Case

This fractal leaf could be your meditation on the fragility of life—or the fragility of your phone. Either way, this $28 bumper case is uniquely pretty and offers some protection for that handset without totally covering it up. 

HP Lovecraft-Inspired Cute Gameboard pieces

Put a little Cthulhu into your Chutes and Ladders. I can’t wait to see these little Lovecraftian gamepieces trounce across my chess board, and every other game I own. 

Unisex Space Invader Ring

You can wear your gaming cred on your sleeve, but why not on your finger? This blocky little ode to Space Invaders can appeal to retro gaming geeks as well as modern-day Minecraft fans. 

Chaos Table Lamp

The most expensive product on this list, the Chaos Lamp will wreak havoc … on your wallet. The $740 price point is steep for any kind of lamp, 3D-printed or no. But oh, if money was no object, having a sculpted art piece that’s also functional would be really appealing. 

 Images via Amazon

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Self-Proclaimed eBay Hackers Put Alleged Personal Data Up For Sale

Less than 24 hours after e-commerce giant eBay admitted to hackers illegally accessing millions of encrypted passwords and personal data after a cyber attack on its corporate network, several Pastebin posts have surfaced claiming to be selling personal records allegedly obtained from the breach.

One of the more prominent anonymous postings is selling the data for 1.453 BTC, or $753. The anonymous user linked to a sample information dump containing personal information from 12,663 users in the Asia Pacific region. I downloaded the sample, and it includes names, the supposedly encrypted passwords, email and physical addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. Still, there’s no way of knowing if this data is legitimate, and more specifically, if it belongs to those users victimized from the most recent eBay cyber attack.

We’ve found one other Pastebin post claiming to have eBay users’ personal information—the post seems less sophisticated and thus less likely to be legitimate. We remain highly skeptical of all of these anonymous posts, but one thing is certain: A cyber attack most certainly did occur, and eBay users should definitely change their passwords immediately.

eBay said Wednesday no financial data was compromised in the attack—just personal details like names, encrypted passwords, emails and physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. Though if a hacker cracks your encrypted eBay password, they could try and match you username and email address and try elsewhere, say, for instance, your PayPal account. 

It is still unclear who is behind the attack, but eBay said it is working with security researchers and law enforcement officials to find out. In the meantime, just change your password already. 

Update 11:26 AM: As cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs points out, the Pastebin posts are most likely attempts to steal Bitcoins. However, it’s possible the real attackers may try and sell this data eventually—perhaps not over Pastebin—so your personal data is likely still at risk.

Lead image courtesy of jessicalstreit on Flickr

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No Sale: Bing A “Core Technology” For Microsoft Says Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was interviewed on Fox Business News yesterday. Among other things he was asked about investor and analyst suggestions that Xbox and Bing be spun out or sold. Gates deferred to newly minted CEO Satya Nadella but said that he would support an Xbox spin-off if that was…

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