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Drones Are Getting Smarter—And More Useful

Drone copters are starting to get smart enough to take on complex tasks with little input.

The drone startup Matternet, for instance, will release its first product on March 30—a quadcopter capable of carrying a kilogram of cargo up to 20 kilometers (that’s 2.2 pounds over 12.5 miles). The drone, which is a bit larger than the consumer variety, is capable of carrying out autonomous flights at the push of a button.

Using an associated app, you simply select a nearby drone and a destination. Matternet’s software determines the best route and spots any obstacles, such as a no-fly zone around an airport. Then the drone takes off—no further input needed.

Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos sees potential for the drone among on-demand delivery services like Instacart and Postmates, which could use them to quickly send off items to customers. But it could also be used to fly blood, or even a transplant organ, from one hospital to another.

The only thing stopping it currently are FAA rules forbidding drones to be operated out of sight of the pilot. That could change soon if the FAA decides to grant more relaxed guidelines for their operation. (Though that’s very much in question right now.)

 Consumer software lead Chris Hinkle and CEO Andreas Raptopoulos with their Matternet drone at SXSW.

The Robots Are Coming! Hurray!

At a SXSW “robot petting zoo,” Matternet’s drone was joined by machines built to respond in the case of a disaster or to take on essential tasks that would otherwise require lots of manpower or expensive equipment.

AirRobot, a sleek, stripped down traditional drone (i.e., an unmanned aerial vehicle resembling a pilotless plane), has responded to 18 out of the 43 disasters at which robots have been utilized by responders. It can fly much lower than a helicopter, giving crews more precise intelligence. It’s been used at train crashes and mudslides to provide live video feeds of disaster. Teams can use the feed to monitor the situation and plan their response.

Halodrop, another drone at the zoo, uses live streams to monitor major infrastructure for damage. Instead of a five person crew working for a week, it can check, say, an entire bridge in three hours.

Muppette is made from off-the-shelf sensors and drone parts, but the team invented the 3D printing system.

The most striking bot at the zoo was Muppette, the product of two architects who grew tired of the limited build area on their office’s 3D printer. They began building a 3D printing drone in their spare time with an off-the-shelf drone and sensors. A tube snakes out from the drone’s belly, where it can deposit a concrete mix to build a temporary shelter. In the case of a disaster, it could effect temporary repairs to roads or other essential infrastructure.

There’s no doubt that drones are entering our lives. The question is whether the world will see only the bad, or welcome the good.

Lead photo courtesy of Matternet; other photos by Signe Brewster for ReadWrite

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Local Experts Say “Relevance” Of Citations More Important Than “Authority”

Columnist Myles Anderson shares findings and insights from BrightLocal’s 2015 Expert Citation Survey.

The post Local Experts Say “Relevance” Of Citations More Important Than “Authority” appeared first on Search Engine Land.

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5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO – Business 2 Community

5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO
Business 2 Community
We cannot ignore SEO and we need to embrace content marketing and social media to drive activity in the digital realm. It is not about one without the other and we need to accept that these factors on their own do not add up to a whole but done right

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13-year-old does a wicked cover of EXO, Seo Taiji and Boys, and more! – allkpop

13-year-old does a wicked cover of EXO, Seo Taiji and Boys, and more!
On March 14, Baek Min Joo took over the 'Star King' stage with covers of Park Nam Jung, Deux, Seo Tai Ji and Boys, Park Ji Yoon, and even EXO! Check out his impressive performance above. A dancing prodigy, Baek Min Joo revealed his passion for the art …

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Google AdWords To Refresh Certain Data Sets More Frequently by @mattsouthern

AdWords Product Manger, Jon Diorio, announced on Google+ today that more frequent updates are coming to certain sets of data. Specifically, search terms, geographic performance and automatic placement stats, are now going to be updated every 6 hours. While most sets of data, such as clicks, conversions and impressions, are available within 3 hours time, other sets of data were only updated once a day. Search terms, geographic performance and automatic placement stats used to be among the data sets that marketers would have to wait some time before being able to see the results. Now you’ll have access to […]

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Updates to Google Webmaster Tools Make Sites More Crawlable

Google has updated its suite of Webmaster Tools to increase reportage of which site resources are blocked from crawling. This new transparency could mean a boost in rankings.

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Study: Growing “Mobile Fanatics” Segment Search More, Increasingly Shun PCs

New consumer survey data from Thrive Analytics (for the Local Search Association) reflect the emergence of a large and growing mobile user segment dubbed “mobile fanatics.” Just over 40 percent of the US smartphone population, these mobile users search more and rely more on their mobile…

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More Hardcore A/B Testing: V2 Of The Free AdWords Script

After sharing a testing script last month, columnist Daniel Gilbert reviewed feedback and used it to make improvements.

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More Than 80% of HTTPS URLs Display as HTTP in Google

According to a post on Google+ from the search engine’s webmaster trends analyst, many websites are eligible to be displayed as HTTPS URLs, but their owners have failed to alert Google.

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10 Areas Where Startups Will Be Spending More In 2015

Like any business, startups need to regularly revisit and revise their budgets in light of market trends in order to exploit new opportunities. For instance, Big Data and more complex analytics have certainly been a huge help in making better business decisions—provided your company is ready to embrace the new technology.

We asked 10 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) where they’re looking at boosting spending in 2015 to best position themselves for the coming year.


Apps are where it’s at—we haven’t been on that train and we may have missed it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. We’re going to be allocating a bit of budget to build more apps with better features for our clients.

Consumers are moving to mobile. Baidu recently announced that it is a mobile-first search engine. What does this mean? It basically means that we all need to figure out mobile. If we haven’t figured it out, we better do it now as it’s already big and won’t be getting smaller.

Peter Daisyme, Host

Video Marketing

It is so important to be able to quickly and effectively show consumers how your product or service functions. Attention spans are short, and “how it works” videos are an easy way to get your message across.

Matt Murphy, Global Citizens Travel

Publishing and Editorial

Content marketing is a misleading name. Really, content marketing has very little to do with marketing and everything to do with content.

Organizations that hope to double down on their content strategies will start realizing that their success will rely more and more on creating original, high-quality, targeted content. This requires a team. Not a team of marketers, but a team of writers, designers, videographers and strategists.

Doubling down on content means becoming a publishing house instead of a marketing team. Your publishing and editorial team might take overall direction from or work closely with marketing, but they should have the freedom to act independently. Give them the reigns and allow them to do what they do best –- make compelling content that speaks to your audience.

Brian Honigman,

Software Development Talent

We plan to hire more software developers to improve our internal tools and our web and mobile products. People spend more time and make more decisions online every year, so we are focused on improving our web presence and our customer experience on mobile.

Randy Rayess, VenturePact

Personal Branding

I’m investing more budget into building personal media brands and putting a human face on the companies I’m part of. People are losing sight of who’s behind branded companies. A trusted brand is an important shortcut, but people like to know who they’re doing business with. Knowing the “who: behind the brand increases customer confidence and loyalty.

Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority

Social Marketing

Social marketing—definitely social marketing. If you don’t know social or understand its impact in today’s market, then you’re setting yourself up to fail. You have to understand the likes of Facebook and Instagram and use those platforms to build your customer base and your brand overall.

Mark Samuel, Fitmark

Niche Writing Talent

Our current readers (we’re a personal finance website) have requested that we post more information and tips regarding higher-level finance topics, such as indexed annuities, the next stock market bubble and a variety of other topics we haven’t covered in the past. We’re looking into hiring more high-quality finance writers in order to meet this need.

Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

Community Building

We plan to allocate more money and human resources to community building. This includes hiring more community managers to organize events and webinars that bring our customers together to learn from each other. We’ve seen that users like products not just for their functionality, but the community of support that surrounds it.

We’ve also experienced noticeable return on investment from our efforts in engaging our customers beyond the initial sale and software support. We invite them to join our open forum to give us product feedback; afterward, we see an immediate increase in customer referrals.

Nanxi Liu, Enplug

Beacon Software Development

We plan to invest more in beacon software development and other location-based technologies because they will have a dramatic impact on the future of human-technology interactions. I plan to take on more clients who are interested in exploring the capabilities of this technology so we can be involved in its development as it expands beyond retail.

Jyot Singh, RTS Labs

Native Advertising

Banner ads are dying and consumers are wary of clicking links that will aggressively try to sell them a “miracle” product or service. Instead, we hope to invest further in native advertising, to ensure we’re providing value to customers before they even engage with our brand. To build a business with staying power, we know how important it is to develop user trust—and we believe native advertising is one of the best solutions for that in 2015.

Firas Kittaneh, Amerisleep

Lead photo by aisletwentytwo

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