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Nokia Makes HERE Maps Available To All Android Users

Nokia’s HERE Maps app, which had previously just been available for Samsung Galaxy Android phones is now available to all Android users. However it’s not in Google Play; users have to download it directly from the HERE site. In order to install the HERE app, you’ll need to go into…

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Google Makes Conversational Search Even More Intelligent by @mattsouthern

The Google Search app on your smartphone is probably not the first place you would turn to when planning a trip, but that may no longer be the case after today’s announcement regarding conversational search. Google has upgraded its conversational search functionality with new features that aim to make it easier for people to plan things. Here is an overview of the new features: Location-based conversational search — search for locations near you by asking something like “Ok Google, show me restaurants near my hotel”. You don’t even have to use the hotel name if the reservation info is stored […]

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Bing Ads Makes Combined Tablet-Desktop Targeting Official

Desktop and tablets are now united across paid search — with one caveat. Bing Ads has officially combined tablet and PC targeting in search campaigns on the platform, following on Google’s move to do so last year with the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns. Bing Ads announced the…

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Bing Ads Makes Close Variants On Exact Match Permanent In U.S.

That test didn’t last long. A month ago, Bing Ads announced that it would test close variants on exact match in the U.S. As of yesterday, the switch has been flipped and close variants on exact match keywords are here to stay. Close variants include search queries that are close but not exact…

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The Bash Bug Makes Every Mac Vulnerable; Here’s How To Patch It

Apple is aware of the bash “Shellshock” bug that affects OS X users, and issued a statement to say that the “vast majority” of Mac users should remain unaffected.

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Bash, which stands for Bourne Again SHell, is a command-line interpreter that runs on Unix, Linux, and Apple computers. OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 shipped with Bash version 3.2, one of the seven versions of Bash vulnerable to the Shellshock bug.

To test if you are vulnerable, you can search for the Terminal program on your computer and input env X=”() { :;} ; echo vulnerable” /bin/sh -c “echo stuff” to be sure. If your computer responds “vulnerable, stuff” you can guess what that means.

As evident in the screenshot, my version of bash is vulnerable to the bug—or at least it was, before I patched it (more on that in a minute). However, if you’re not the kind of person to mess around with advanced Unix options, Apple says the vast majority of Apple users shouldn’t worry about being vulnerable.

The vast majority of OS X users are not at risk to recently reported bash vulnerabilities,” an Apple spokesperson told iMore. “Bash, a UNIX command shell and language included in OS X, has a weakness that could allow unauthorized users to remotely gain control of vulnerable systems. With OS X, systems are safe by default and not exposed to remote exploits of bash unless users configure advanced UNIX services. We are working to quickly provide a software update for our advanced UNIX users.”

How To Patch Bash 3.2 On OS X

But what if you are an advanced Unix user? Or just a little too paranoid to take Apple at its word? If you’ve got some familiarity with the command line and a some time on your hands, you can patch bash on your own.

First, make sure you have Apple’s Xcode developer tool installed. You can check by typing “xcodebuild” into Terminal anywhere. If it says something like “xcodebuild: error: The directory X does not contain an Xcode project,” then you already have it. If it says “Command not found,” you need to download it

Second, you’ll want to make sure you actually are using bash version 3.2. To find out, type this into Terminal anywhere:

bash –version

If you get version 3.2.51, the default that comes with OS X, you’re all set to follow these instructions to manually upgrade to the patched version, 3.2.52.

The following are instructions from Wonder How To with additional information added for potential pitfalls. In order, you’ll want to type these commands into your Terminal window.

mkdir bash-fix

cd bash-fix

curl | tar zxf -

cd bash-92/bash-3.2

curl | patch -p0

cd ..

sudo xcodebuild


If you downloaded XCode specifically to patch bash and this is your first time using it, you will be prompted to input your password and then to agree with its terms of service by typing “agree” into Terminal. Instead of dealing with that during the fix, you may want to just type “sudo xcodebuild” anywhere in order to get it to prompt you for that stuff in advance. 

If the commands that begin with “curl” are taking a very long time, as in more than twenty minutes (like in the screenshot above) this probably means they are about to time out. It’s not abnormal; it’s probably because a lot of people are working on implementing this patch. 

If that happens to you, go into Finder and find the “bash-fix” folder in your main directory. Delete the folder, empty the trash, and then go back into Terminal to restart the patch process again. 

Ideally, Apple will come out with a patch you can just download soon because this is a lot of work. But I feel a lot better seeing a blank response in Terminal when I check for bash vulnerabilities. 

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Cortana Makes Her Way to Windows 9

Microsoft will bring the digital assistant to desktop users in an effort to provide a more “mobile”-like experience on all platforms.

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Wink Relay Makes Walls Smarter With New Touchscreen Panel

This sci-fi wall panel has nothing on Wink’s new Relay wall console.

ReadWriteHome is an ongoing series exploring the implications of living in connected homes.

Wink has been busy. After having introduced its wallet-friendly Hub a few months ago, the smart-home upstart backed by Quirky and GE already has another new offering: a touchscreen wall console called Wink Relay.

This futuristic beauty looks way better than the dingy wall-mounted panel Bruce Willis had to contend with in The Fifth Element, and it’s smarter too. Relay acts like mission control for your Wink-powered smart home. It’s sort of like having another smartphone clinging to your plaster, one that just runs the Wink mobile app. That’s all it needs. 

The wall panel’s 4.3-inch multi-touch display features big finger-friendly icons that let users trigger tasks or switch modes. From here, you can activate lights and kick on the heater at night or open blinds and turn on the AC during the day. 

Why not just use the Wink app on your smartphone? Relay offers one more point of access to Wink’s bevy of smart-home products—one you don’t have to track down or keep charged. Plus, it offers nifty extras like programmable hardware buttons and sensors that can detect your proximity, ambient temperature and humidity. Plans are in the works to integrate a speaker and microphone, to turn the wall panel into a full-blown intercom too.

Best part: You can set it up yourself, no technician needed (though Wink recommends professional installation, which makes sense if you’re afraid to touch your home’s wiring). The included adaptor locks onto standard light switch panels, making installation a breeze. Preorders open today for $300, available on Amazon, and will be offered from The Home Depot’s website as well. Wink plans to ship the Relay by Thanksgiving.

In related news, Wink also issued an update for its mobile app and announced it will work with products from Google’s Nest Labs, as well as devices from other smart home device makers Gilmour and Linear. In total, Team Wink encompasses nearly 20 companies, covering about 100 devices. 

The Fifth Element screenshot from YouTube video by MovieClips

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Google Makes Penalty Mistakes: The Buffer Story

Buffer’s Courtney Seiter posted on the Buffer blog that they had an unusual Google Penalty that resulted in a 90% drop in organic Google traffic to the site. The issue had nothing to do with the Buffer web site, but rather a bug with Google, according to Courtney. Courtney said they noticed…

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Facebook Makes It Easier To Delete Unwanted Apps by @mattsouthern

Facebook has recently updated its app settings page to make it easier for users to get rid of apps they longer want or have any use for. A new tweak to Facebook’s setting screen, which was noticed by the blog Inside Facebook, can easily show you which third-party apps have access to your Facebook friends list and other sensitive information. One of the more negative or positive aspects of Facebook, depending on how you look at it, is how easily it can connect you with third-party apps and games. Facebook may also connect with third-party apps for the purpose of […]

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What Makes Enterprise SEO And Does Your Site Need It? – Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land
What Makes Enterprise SEO And Does Your Site Need It?
Search Engine Land
But what makes an enterprise website – i.e., a site that will benefit from enterprise SEO? When it comes to enterprise SEO, it's less about the size of the company and more about the number of pages, especially products or services. If your website has
Best Enterprise SEO Firms Recognized for Superior Work in September 2014Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release)

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