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Google Loses Big in German Reputation Lawsuit by @jeanmariedion

Typically, when I’m asked to describe what Google does, I launch into a description that goes something like this: “A search engine like Google is designed to crawl through the web, picking up information about each page that’s out there and putting that information into some sort of database. Then, when a user types in […]

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Jean Dion

Jean Dion
Senior Journalist at

Jean Dion is a writer, editor, avid blogger and obsessed pet owner. She’s a senior journalist with, and writes frequently on the intersection of private indiscretion and public embarrassment. Follow her on Google+ or Twitter.

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Google Loses Again In AdWords Patent Infringement Case

A judge has determined patent-holding company Vringo is entitled to additional royalties from Google in a patent infringement case involving Google AdWords. The order stems from a case brought by Vringo subsidiary I/P Engine in 2011 that claimed filtering technology used in Google AdWords violated…

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