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Facebook Introduces Feature To Help You Find Nearby Friends

Facebook’s Product Manager, Andrea Vaccari, announced today the beginning of a roll out of an optional new feature […]

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Matt Southern

Matt Southern is a marketing, communications and public relations professional. He provides strategic digital marketing services at an agency called Bureau in Ontario, Canada. He has a bachelors degree in communication and an unparalleled passion for helping businesses get their message out.

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New Ad review center features help save you time and offer improved controls.

Having the right information on the ads displayed on your site and being able to control them, is a big ask we hear from publishers. Many of you are already using the Ad review center to review and control these ads. From today, enjoy more choice with new updates designed to save you time and give you more control in the review process.

Save time by not having to review the same ad twice. Now you can see which ads you’ve already reviewed by selecting the ‘Show reviewed ads’ checkbox in the top right corner of the Ad review center.

Show reviewed ads feature

 You’ll also have more choice when reviewing ads with our new ad size widget. Using the widget, you can review ads according to their size. If you want to review only the banner ads on your page for example, they’ll be quick and easy to find. We’re still fine-tuning this feature meaning it’s possible that not every single ad of a particular size will be captured right away, but it will capture the majority of them.

New ad size widget

You’ll now also have more control with new enhancements to our related ads feature. Over the next few days, related ads will start to identify ads containing the same logo. It’ll then group together different ads containing that logo and give you the option to allow or block them running on your site. This feature will also cover ads containing the same video.

Finally, we’ve given the Ad review center a new look with a brand new user interface designed for quick and simple navigation. Try out these new features today. We’re continuously looking for new ways to make this a valuable tool for you – please tell us what else you’d like to see over on our AdSense+ page.

Posted by Fiona Herring – AdSense Product Manager
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SEO Tools Can Help Improve Business and Earn Profits – Newswire (press release)

SEO Tools Can Help Improve Business and Earn Profits
Newswire (press release)
There are a wide varieties of SEO Tools in the market that might be suitable for a business depend upon the business function, Flash Cash Club will provide a genuine SEO tools review for you to do a comparison before making a buying decision.

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12 Powerful Ways Data Can Help Clean Up Your Finances

With the deadline of financial spring cleaning looming large, it’s only natural to panic at the hopeless money morass you’re wading through. Or maybe you’re on your financial game but looking for a more granular way to keep tabs on your bank accounts, credit, investments and loans.

Maybe what you really need is more data—that, and the best tools to manage it and your finances. Arming yourself so you can watch and execute every aspect of your financial life is empowering—and if you believe tha more data is better than less (and for the most part you should), it’s extremely satisfying, too. Here are our favorite apps for managing all things money.

Make Budgeting (Almost) Fun: Mint

Mint is the reigning king of online money management—and with good reason. Mint makes keeping an eye on transactions across all of your accounts useful at-a-glance, and scanning individual account information is as easy as clicking a drop-down menu. 

You can go as deep as you want, tagging individual transactions like work expenses, searching across all accounts at once, pooling your account histories all in one place (extremely useful for tracking when Comcast hikes up your bill, for example) and showing you where your cash goes. Mint offers a bit of basic financial planning too, with tips on saving and customizable notifications for high spending. If you’ve heard a ton about it but haven’t checked it our for yourself, Mint manages to live up to its excellent reputation.

Download Mint.

Best Bird’s Eye View: Manilla

While it seems like a direct Mint competitor at first gloss, the two apps complement each other well. Like Mint, Manilla offers an overview of all of your accounts, but it adds some unique features into the mix. You can link up all kinds of accounts to Manilla, including billing accounts for utilities and phone service, travel rewards memberships, and media subscriptions like Netflix and The New York Times.

The idea is that by getting all of your bills and memberships in one place, you won’t get slammed with late fees. If you opt to authorize it, you can view your bills on Manilla and auto-login to connected accounts to pay them easily.

Download Manilla.

Your Credit Score Gets Less Scary: Credit Karma

Credit Karma makes it easy to view and monitor your credit—and it does it for free. Checking your credit score is a notoriously difficult process that many people only undertake on an annual basis, if at all, because it’s just that annoying. With Credit Karma, it’s as simple as logging into the app, which updates your score weekly.

Credit Karma isn’t perfect—its scores, provided by Transunion, don’t always match up with the official FICO score used by most lenders. But it usually tracks FICO pretty closely, and with a lot less hassle. Our favorite feature is that the service explains the factors that go into your current credit score and how to improve them. Credit Karma transforms checking your credit score from a dreaded once-a-year ritual to a daily habit, and that’s pretty empowering.

Download Credit Karma for iOS/Android.

9 More Awesome Personal Finance Apps 

  • Square Cash: Send money through email easily with no fees.
  • Yahoo Finance: Keep tabs on the market with Yahoo’s attractively redesigned iOS app.
  • BettermentTend your investment portfolio.
  • Evernote: Save and search receipts, bills and just about anything.
  • Splitwise: Split and pay shared bills easily.
  • Personal Cap: If “wealth management” sounds more your speed than divvying up a Netflix subscription.
  • CheckAnother option for getting your bills paid like a boss.
  • Bitcoin Checker (Android)/Coin Ticker (iOS): If you’re crazy (like a fox?) enough to hold any crypto-currencies, here’s a convenient way to keep tabs on what they’re worth in the world of old-fashioned money.

 A word on security: If you’re going to get into the business of mobile banking, take every security precaution at your disposal. Choosing unique, strong passwords is a must and opting for two-factor authentication whenever possible is a good idea too. Enable services like that lock down your device should it get lost or stolen.

Protect yourself as you revel in the ease of mobile banking—and pay your bills on time, too. 

Header image by Taylor Hatmaker

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Microsoft’s Original Programming Might Not Help The Xbox One

In just two short months, Xbox Entertainment Studios will start trickling out original content onto its digital media delivery service, Xbox Live. Formerly a domain exclusive to gamers, Xbox Live is now Microsoft’s canvas for its broader experiment in capturing the living room, which was the original thrust of its latest gaming console released in November, the Xbox One.

After reassuring its core fan base of gamers, Microsoft seems to be regressing toward its original game plan: Offer something irresistible to everyone in the living room, from the 15 year-old Titanfall superfan to the primetime TV addict.

At its Xbox One launch event, Microsoft announced a live-action series based on its modern gaming classic Halo, which will be produced by Steven Spielberg. Now, as Bloomberg reports, Xbox Entertainment Studios is busy working on at least six original series.

The gaggle of new Xbox series take a variety of well-calculated tacks. Among them:

  • Seth Green stop-motion animation show (Adult Swim fans: check.)
  • Sketch comedy show with Michael Cera and Sarah Silverman (Comedy: check.)
  • Humans: A remake of a Swedish sci-fi TV series (Sci-fi: check.)
  • Halo (Blockbuster with big names: check.)
  • Every Street United: Reality series about soccer (World Cup fans: check.)
  • Gaming documentary series (Core gamers: check.)

Xbox’s sudden interest in TV is no accident. In late 2012, the company hired Nancy Tellem, the former president of CBS Entertainment, to be the company’s new head of entertainment and digital media. In her tenure at CBS, Tellem developed a huge string of homeruns for the network, from Friends and ER to Survivor and CSI.

This year at Microsoft, Tellem’s vision will bear its first fruit. But who will be watching, exactly?

Cool Content Trapped In A Many-Walled Garden

While there’s no questioning Microsoft’s original lineup is engineered for success with its existing viewership—Tellem recently said the content is tailored to fit its gamer user base, namely male viewers between the ages of 18 and 35—it’s hard to imagine where exactly it will go from there.

As it stands, Xbox Live is an excellent multimedia platform for anyone that owns an Xbox and is already forking over its $60 annual fee for online multiplayer gaming. For everyone else, Xbox content is a prohibitively expensive habit. You’ll need an Xbox to start with (at $499, the Xbox One isn’t cheap), then you’ll need to pay the toll to open the gates to Xbox Live “perks” like Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming, which you’ll pay for separately of course.

If Phil Spencer’s Twitter account is any indication, the new head of Microsoft’s Xbox division could open Xbox Live’s premium content to non-paying subscribers in the near future, which would make Xbox Live a much more viable video platform. 

But even if Spencer only frees some of the original content, the fact remains that you’d need an Xbox to watch it. Of course, Microsoft could license its fleet of new shows elsewhere, but that certainly wouldn’t move Xbox One units.

The Xbox Gets In The Way

After the success of Netflix’s original series like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, a lightbulb blinked on for every company with a video platform. With its Xbox TV experiment, Microsoft is piggybacking on Netflix’s “see what sticks” original series campaign, but with a much narrower audience. 

Arguably, Xbox should be in a great position to offer original content. As many misfires as Microsoft has made in other areas—mobile comes to mind—the Xbox division has consistently tracked industry trends and exhibited a savvy understanding of its users.

The dawn of Xbox Live was a revolution in home entertainment, but it’s not looking too unique these days. The content lineup will resonate with Xbox’s core users (i.e. gamers), there’s little doubt about that. But with the $35 Chromecast on the market, numerous set-top competitors and plenty of easy ways to stream or download video content from anywhere on the Internet, Xbox’s own core product could prove to be its greatest obstacle.

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20(14) Publisher Stories: Google AdSense helps IoLeggol’Etichetta help consumers

As part of our ‘20(14) publisher stories’ blog series, every Monday we’ll introduce you to a publisher and share their success story. Read on to meet this week’s featured publisher, and feel free to share your own success story with us.

Raffaele Brogna is the creator of Meaning ‘I read the label’ in english, the site is dedicated to consumer awareness and protection offering advice on how to get the right information from product labels and tips on saving money when shopping. As a social crowdsourcing project, the site has a large community following who regularly contribute and report on their own experiences and findings as consumers.

Alongside his wife, Raffaele looks after the day-to day operations as well as the broader strategy for the site. They decided to use AdSense at the outset to help cover running costs and considered the prompt payments offered by AdSense as a key influencer in their decision. They were quickly pleased with the results, in particular with the relevance of the ads displayed.

They also use Google Analytics to help identify the best placements for their ad units and to check on their overall ad unit performance. Today, revenue from Google AdSense covers the costs of running this project online. Looking ahead, Raffaele will continue partnering with Google AdSense to go even further in his quest to give Italian consumers the information they need to make informed decisions when shopping.
Posted by Suzy Headon - Inside AdSense Team
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5 Steps To Help You Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

Whatever business you’re in, LinkedIn can help you to build a network of useful contacts. With 250 million […]

Author information

Christian Arno

Christian Arno

About The Author: Christian Arno is the founder of Lingo24, Inc., a leading translation company in US. Launched in 2001, Lingo24, Inc. now has over 200 employees spanning three continents and clients in over sixty countries. In the past twelve months, they have translated over forty million words for businesses in every industry sector, including the likes of MTV, World Bank and American Express. Follow Lingo24 on Twitter: @Lingo24.

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Google AdWords Conversions Help You Find the Hidden Value

An AdWords PPC conversion used to be just a click and seemed simple. Now we have many a variety of ways to measure conversions actions from our campaigns. Understanding each is important to uncovering the hidden value that may be in the account.

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4 Content Activities to Help Build Real Relationships With Influencers

When it comes to relationship-building content, there are four specific, evergreen content marketing activities that are perfectly suited to helping you connect with influencers in your niche: group interviews, best ofs, expert guides, and roundups.

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The Top Apps (And Tips) To Help You Dominate Your 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket

How do you win your NCAA tournament bracket? If there was one surefire formula to domination, the same people would win their office pools every year. Instead, it is often the person that knows the least about basketball that takes home the bragging rights, choosing their teams seemingly at random.

One of the two greatest tournaments in sports is set to start this week as the NCAA men’s basketball championship set to tip off Thursday afternoon. March Madness—next to the soccer World Cup—is the most captivating series of games to happen, and luckily for us, it happens every year. Underdogs become national heroes as basketball pageantry takes center stage over the next three weeks.

Today is the last full day to fill out your 2014 NCAA Tournament brackets. Then comes a weekend of obsessively checking your picks to see if some Cinderella has knocked off your Final Four pick. Good thing we have these all-seeing and all-knowing computers in our pockets that let us get the information we want anywhere and anytime. What better than a smartphone to keep you in the know?

Top 4 iPhone & Android Apps For NCAA Basketball Tournament

Several bracket apps are available for iPhone and Android users, but there is a good chance your tournament administrator is only going to use one of four: Yahoo, CBS, ESPN or the official March Madness app. The three leading companies are also the tops in fantasy sports apps, and what is the NCAA tournament but a glorified fantasy sport? Of the two money brackets I am in this year, both are using Yahoo.

Yahoo Sports & Tourney Pickem (iOS/Android): Yahoo used have an individual NCAA tournament app, but it has since been rolled into one Yahoo Sports app. Download this app to manage your bracket and get sports news at the same time.

ESPN Tournament Challenge (iOS/Android): ESPN has some of the most comprehensive coverage and bracket-picking tools on the Web. The self-proclaimed “World Wide Leader In Sports” has doubled down on mobile development over the last several years, and this full-featured NCAA tournament app is a culmination of its efforts.

NCAA March Madness Live (iOS/Android): The official tournament app through NCAA’s partner, NCAA March Madness Live allows you to track your bracket and watch every game live. The app is developed by Turner Sports Interactive, which will host all the NCAA men’s tournament games on its series of cable channels.

CBS Sports (iOS/Android): This is essentially a repurposed version of the CBS Sports website, much like Yahoo’s own offering. And like Yahoo, CBS is a leader in fantasy sports and many bracket administrators will use it for their own pools this year.

Some Tips To Fill Out Your Bracket

If you have even remotely considered filling out a bracket this year, you have probably heard of billionaire Warren Buffet’s challenge. If you fill out a perfect bracket, Buffet and Quicken Loans will pay you a cool billion dollars.

Yeah, good luck with that. The base odds of filling out a perfect bracket are 1-in-9.2 quintillion, assuming that every game in the tournament is a coin flip. In actuality, every game is not a coin flip. For instance, No. 16 Albany seed has no chance to beat No. 1 Florida in the first round. In fact, no No. 16 seed has ever beat a No. 1 (and only a handful of No. 15 seeds have ever beat No. 2 seeds, so don’t start getting all gung-ho over Eastern Kentucky and Wofford). 

Nate Silver, on his relaunched FiveThirtyEight website hosted by ESPN, says that if you play the odds in every game, the likelihood of winning Buffet’s billion-dollar payday are still only about 1-in-7.4 billion. If every person on Earth filled out a different bracket, there is still a chance that nobody would win. But hey, it is worth trying, even if most of the earnings will be hit with a 39.6% tax from federal and state governments.

It’s far more advisable to fill out a bracket and focus on the small money—your local pub’s pool, or the office bracket. It may not be a billion dollars, but it can pocket you a couple hundred bucks. Still, there are a few fundamental guidelines you should follow to maximize your potential.

Pick early upsets, then erase them: The first weekend of the tournament is the most fun and exciting because it is when we see the underdogs stun some of the biggest college basketball programs in the country. Remember Florida Gulf Coast last year? Nobody expected them to reach the Sweet Sixteen, but that’s March Madness for you. So go ahead, pick a couple lower seeds in the first round. This year, you may want to take a look at No. 12 Harvard (over Cincinnati), No. 11 Providence (over University of North Carolina), No. 12 Stephen F. Austin (over Virginia Commonwealth University) or No. 13 Tulsa (over UCLA). But be warned: If you do pick one of these underdogs, don’t expect them to go much further. Keen bracketologists will erase these teams from the field before they reach the Sweet 16.

Pick no seed under four to hit the Final Four: It is a statistical improbability that a seed under No. 4 will hit make it to the Final Four. Yes, there are memorable runs by lower seeds like No. 11 VCU in 2011, No. 11 George Mason in 2006 and No. 9 Wichita State last year. These are called “bracket busters” for a reason. The reason that those runs are so fun and dramatic is because lower seeds just don’t usually advance that far. This is about probability, not perfection. A healthy mix of No. 1 through No. 4 seeds in your Final Four bracket will give you the best odds of winning your office pool.

Look for teams good behind the arc, on the boards and stealing the ball: Louisville won the national championship last year. This was no fluke. Louisville’s strength on defense was getting steals and turnovers, in which the team was ranked second in the country. On offense, Louisville was proficient at grabbing offensive rebounds (tied 21st in the country). If a team can give itself extra possessions while limiting those of the opponent, that is usually a good way to win a basketball game. If you are looking for upsets, teams that are good from the 3-point line tend to steal a game or two within the NCAA Tournament.

With all that being said, I have two brackets this year. There’s one where my alma mater Virginia Commonwealth knocks off Florida to go to yet another Final Four, and the other one says Florida is too strong for everybody and rumbles to a championship. The latter is more realistic. 

My Final Four picks: Florida, Iowa State, Louisville, Arizona.

Top image: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York from the Atlantic 10 Tournament 2013 by Dan Rowinski

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