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Google Seeks Community Help To Improve Google Translate by @mattsouthern

Google is seeking community help to improve its Google Translate service in a new post published to the official Google Search blog. Google has recently launched a new Translate Community where language enthusiasts can help Google improve translation quality for the 80 languages supported by Google, and assist Google with launching new languages. In the new community, Google users will have options to help with a variety of things, including generating new translations and rating existing ones. Google explains that over time users will find more ways to contribute and gain visibility into the impact of contributions and the activity […]

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14 Top-Notch Resources to Help You Become a CRO Expert

It’s becoming increasingly expensive to drive traffic to your website. The only way to maintain or improve results is to increase your conversion rate. Study up on these expert conversion rate optimization guides and tutorials to get up to speed.

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Automated Tools To Help Local Businesses Tackle Online Marketing

When asked to rate their biggest challenges with managing digital media for their business, 47% of local business owners said they don’t have enough knowledge or expertise; 43% said they don’t have enough time; and 26% said they don’t have enough resources, according to a Local…

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Has Google Penalized Your Website? SEO Can Help – (subscription) (subscription)
Has Google Penalized Your Website? SEO Can Help (subscription)
The practice of buying links has long been frowned upon by both Google and SEO experts, and many agree that it's one of the primary causes of a Google penalty. A controversial practice, buying links is often an outright attempt to manipulate PageRank.
3 Ways To Safely Diversify Your SEO StrategySearch Engine People (blog)
The “New” SEO After Google's Penguins, Pandas and HummingbirdsBusiness 2 Community
Google's improved screening measures give rise to SEO-related complaintsAsahi Shimbun
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Twitter Buys Cardspring To Help You Shop In Tweets

Twitter wants to make it as easy to buy as it is to tweet. On Tuesday, the company announced the acquisition of CardSpring, a payments startup that makes it easy for developers to add payment services to apps and products. 

The social media company has tried to capitalize on e-commerce with tweet-to-buy initiatives that have yet to gain visible steam. 

The acquisition of CardSpring will add experts to Twitter’s staff who have particular experience helping developers add payments features.

“The CardSpring team and the technology they’ve built are a great fit with our philosophy regarding the best ways to bring in-the-moment commerce experiences to our users,” Twitter’s head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard, wrote in a blog post.

Twitter’s announcement comes on the heels of Facebook’s push into payments earlier Thursday. The social network announced it is testing a buy button on pages and advertisements that will let people buy things directly in the social network, without clicking away to a separate online storefront. Twitter likely aims to do something similar.

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3 Ways to Help Prioritize Your SEO Efforts – Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch
3 Ways to Help Prioritize Your SEO Efforts
Search Engine Watch
When you're thinking through what you want to accomplish, focus on business goals rather than SEO goals. For example, instead of focusing on the keyword with the highest average search volume, focus on your best-selling product or service (or the one …

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3 Ways to Help Prioritize Your SEO Efforts

On any given day, you’re prioritizing keywords, tactics, outreach, clients, meetings, and even metrics. Prioritization can be a game changer. The most successful SEOs are the ones who’ve mastered it. Here’s how you can, too.

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Introducing a new multi-screen resource in the AdSense Help Center

Did you know that sites optimized for multiple screen sizes can have an average 15% higher RPM and twice the traffic growth rate of sites that aren’t?*

If you think about how quickly you’ll leave a site where you have to pinch and zoom to find something, it’s not surprising that multi-screen optimized sites are performing better. That same behavior will most often apply to your own users too, so having a multi-screen plan is important to keeping them engaged for longer.

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on your multi-screen strategy. To help you in your decision-making, we’ve created new multi-screen guidelines. They can be found in the AdSense Help Center and cover the following topics:

Multi-Screen Starter Guide

  • Why go multi-screen?
  • Multi-screen success stories
  • What are the common approaches? 
  • How to build a multi-screen site
  • Getting technical support from a multi-screen vendor

Multi-Screen Implementation Guide

  • Monetization tips
  • Mobile user experience tips
  • Mobile search engine optimization tips

We hope you find these resources useful. Start optimizing your site today to retain and grow user loyalty. We’ll be sharing more resources and success stories in the near future – check back here soon for the latest updates from our Multi-Screen Specialist Team.

* Source:  Google internal data

Posted by Hye In Kim,  Multi-Screen Specialist
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LinkedIn Acquires Newsle To Help Keep Tabs On People You Know Through Work

On Monday, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of Newsle, a service that delivers you information about which of your friends are in the news. 

Crucially, Newsle aggregates news not just from your LinkedIn contacts, but people you know from Facebook and Twitter as well. 

That works for people like me: I’m much more active on Twitter than on LinkedIn in a professional context, but it’s almost impossible to keep track of what all my friends are up to.

With the Newsle acquisition, LinkedIn is increasing its investment in the confluence of professional identity and news. The new addition comes on the heels of other LinkedIn feature updates, including the ability to post article on the site, add images and documents to your profile, read and follow news with Pulse, and keep up with friends’ job changes and work anniversaries with LinkedIn Connected.

The latest update to LinkedIn Connected emphasizes news updates about LinkedIn contacts in a manner that’s very similar to Newsle, suggesting that LinkedIn was keenly aware of what Newsle was doing.

The LinkedIn team will also gain a handful of machine learning experts that have experience in analyzing news stories while parsing information in a detailed way—for instance, Newsle can tell the difference between my byline, a story that links to my byline, or one that I’m quoted in.

In a blog post today, LinkedIn said:

For the last three years, Newsle has leveraged its disambiguation, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to build an extremely compelling product that finds blogs and articles that mention you or anyone you care about – colleagues, bosses, industry thought leaders, etc. – and notifies you seconds after they’ve published. We’re excited to work with Newsle’s team to combine this technology with our core assets and build experiences that continue to make you and millions of other professionals more productive and successful.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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Panda 4.0 Help: Google Clarifies Tremors, 3 Analogies for Diagnosing Hits

Panda is a confusing topic for many webmasters. This post covers new learnings from Panda 4.0 and provides three analogies that can help ailing webmasters better diagnose Panda attacks.

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