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Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” Of Tweets

It’s official, Google and Twitter confirm they are working together on real-time search. Google now has access to Twitter’s firehose.

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Just Give Me Coffee No One Gets Hurt Tin Sign 12 X 8 Home/Office Decor

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It’s A Free Speech Christmas! Sony To Give “The Interview” A Limited Release

This holiday season, would-be freedom fighters in limited markets will have the opportunity to stick it to some vague concept of “The Man.” In a move that isn’t so much as a  Christmas miracle as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the publicity generated by comedy that received lukewarm reviews in advance screenings—yet possibly inspired an historically devastating corporate cyberattack—Sony Pictures Entertainment announced it will show the assassination comedy in select movie theaters starting on Dec. 25. 

This is an about-face from last week, when Sony declared it wouldn’t release The Interview after bomb threats caused major theater chains to cancel showings. Despite the movie’s plot—characters played by James Franco and Seth Rogen are tasked by the CIA with assassinating head of state Kim Jong-un—North Korea denies responsibility for both the threats and the hack that leaked a mountain of embarrassing Sony emails and documents on the Internet. 

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That’s poppycock according to the U.S. government, which claims evidence that North Korea is behind the attack. President Barack Obama promised retaliation shortly after Sony announced the movie’s cancellation, and coincidentally or not, North Korea suffered a mass Internet outage of nonspecific origins on Monday. 

On Tuesday, with news that Sony would contract with some theaters to show the Interview, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton said in a press statement that the studio always intended to show the movie in some capacity. 

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“We are proud to make it available to the public and to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech,” Lynton said, though it’s not clear whether or not the irony is intended. Continuing its threats to hold news agencies “responsible” for publishing Sony documents freely available on the Internet following the breach, the multinational corporation is reportedly threatening to sue Twitter if it doesn’t suspend users sharing hacked content on its platform. 

The New York Times reports that Sony will likely release The Interview in 200 to 300 smaller theaters. So far, the 30-theater Alamo Drafthouse chain (pretty much the only place to see a movie, in this reporter’s opinion) and the Plaza in Atlanta are confirmed. 

Perhaps Sony can use the box office proceeds to bolster its free speech legal fund, and maybe put what’s left over toward shoring up its firewalls. 

Lead image from The Interview by Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Sustainability Expert And TV Personality Danny Seo Shows You How To Give … – SFist

Sustainability Expert And TV Personality Danny Seo Shows You How To Give
Danny Seo: sustainability expert, TV personality, style expert. Danny's the Editor in Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, a national print magazine that celebrates marrying great style with sustainability. He's a lifestyle contributor to NBC's The

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New TLDs give no SEO advantage and .Geo domains don’t work how you might … – Domain Name Wire

Internet Marketing News
New TLDs give no SEO advantage and .Geo domains don't work how you might
Domain Name Wire
Building a site on .com doesn't give you an inherent SEO advantage over a new TLD. The reason there are more .com domains in search results is because a) there are more .com domains registered and b) they are generally more established/older sites.
SEO: New Top-Level Domains (Still) Won't Rank BetterInternet Marketing News

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Sustainability Expert And TV Personality Danny Seo Shows You How To Give … – LAist

Sustainability Expert And TV Personality Danny Seo Shows You How To Give
And who's our LAist choice? Danny Seo: sustainability expert, TV personality, Angeleno. Danny's the Editor in Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, a national print magazine that celebrates marrying great style with sustainability. He's a lifestyle

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8 Big-Hearted Tech Gifts That Give Back

<em>Editor’s Note: This was originally published by our partners at <a href=”″>PopSugar Tech</a>.&nbsp;</em>

Is there anything better than giving someone a present they truly love? Wh,y yes! Gifting them with something they love that also contributes to a worthy cause. C out eight gifts that are practical, stylish, and best of all, charitable.

Stone + Cloth Backpack

The Lucas Backpack by Stone + Cloth ($74) is not only stylish for everyday use and offers a padded sleeve to protect laptops, but the company also donates a portion of each sale to The Knock Foundation, a group based in Kilimanjaro that provides scholarships to communities in need.

Mophie RED iPhone Case

There are so many reasons to love this RED iPhone 5 case ($120)—the ruby color, the fact that it comes with a juice pack air case for when your battery runs low, and most especially, the fact that five percent of the proceeds go to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS.

Mend 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Handmade in Uganda, this laptop sleeve ($25, originally $59) isn’t just gift-worthy for its sleek look. The case was created by the organization Invisible Children to help empower women affected by the Lord’s Resistance Movement conflict.

Vers 1Q Speakers

Your friend or family member can jam to her favorite tunes thanks to this wireless wooden speaker ($130) with Bluetooth that remembers up to 10 devices. Even better, the company will match your $1 donation to the Arbor Day Foundation if you choose to do so at checkout.


Buy the PRODUCT(RED) edition of the iPod Shuffle ($49), iPod Nano ($149), iPod Touch ($199), iPad Air/iPad Mini Smart Cover ($39), iPad Air/iPad Mini Smart Case ($69-$79), iPhone 6 Case ($45), or iPhone 6 Plus Case ($49), and Apple will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Global Fund, which fights AIDS in Africa. The scarlet-hued PRODUCT(RED) versions do not cost more than the other color options.

USB Hubdog

A portion of every item you buy from The Literary Site Store—like this USB Hubdog ($12)—funds new books for children in need. How cute and practical is this powerful pooch?

Ona Sahel Camera Strap

Ona, the purveyors of fashionable camera accessories teamed up with charity:water for the Sahel Camera Strap ($99), which sends $30 of each leather strap’s proceeds to the charity’s operations.

LSTN Headphones

Double points for LSTN Headphones. Not only are the music accessories made from reclaimed wood, but the company partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to donate a portion of proceeds to helping people hear music for the first time. We especially like the Troubadour collection ($130 each) for its unique shapes. 

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10 Tools To Give Your Instagram Campaign a Boost by @albertcostill

Did you hear the big news? Instagram recently unveiled several new features that are making its users all giddy. For those uninitiated, Instagram finally updated its system so that users can edit captions on their posts – previously this was a head scratching limitation. As the press release states, “a typo shouldn’t get in the way” of capturing your favorite moments. The other update was improvements to the Explore page which now features a ‘Photos’ tab and a ‘People tab. This will make it easier for you to find the accounts that you think are more interesting or relevant. Even without […]

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Bing Teams Up With CNN To Let Viewers Give “Real-Time” Feedback On 2014 Election Coverage

Bing is upping its political game, announcing today a partnership with CNN where users can give “real-time feedback” on CNN’s political coverage via Bing Pulse. According to the announcement, viewers will be able to vote on CNN broadcasts during the 2014 US elections, and all the…

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Would You Give Facebook Your Health Data?

Facebook is following Apple and Google into healthcare, according to a report from Reuters. The company is considering building online “support communities” and healthcare apps that would supposedly help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The way the social network is planning to position this Facebook health effort is troubling.

According to one Reuters source, “the company is considering rolling out its first health application quietly and under a different name.” d, the idea of Facebook knowing how much you exercise and what your blood pressure is makes some people nervous. To gain users’ trust, the company may package up a healthcare app without Facebook branding, and get people to share their data—that just seems backwards.

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Considering patient privacy is one of the most important tenants of healthcare, Facebook’s history of controversial privacy policies doesn’t make it seem like a corporation people would really want to trust with their data.

Facebook’s plans to roll out health apps under apps from Facebook that aren’t branded as such shows that even Facebook knows no one wants a future Facebook Health, either. 

So Why Is Facebook Doing This?

The company already has huge amounts of data on its users—names, where they live, what they read online, and what they’re interested in. Health data would only further strengthen its massive social graph.

There are a number of online support communities for people with health issues, like PatientsLikeMe and the #BCSM breast cancer community chats, and Facebook apparently wants to take advantage of peoples’ desire to share and interact with other patients for support, and build similar communities on Facebook. Reuters’ anonymous sources claim that Facebook is still in the “idea-gathering stage,” and is setting up a research and development arm for testing health applications.

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Facebook developing tools for healthcare isn’t entirely surprising. Earlier this year the social networking company acquired Moves, a fitness and health tracking application. When the acquisition was announced, people were quick to question whether their health data would be shared with Facebook—they were right. Shortly after Moves joined Facebook, the fitness tracking app changed its privacy policy to allow broader sharing with Facebook.

Whether or not a future Facebook health app will fall under the big blue branding, it will likely have data policies that allow Facebook access to your health data. And people might find that a little too personal to share with friends, let alone giant corporations. 

Lead photo by Memories_by_Mike on Flickr

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