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With New Product, ReachLocal Looks to Turn the Corner on SEO – Street Fight

With New Product, ReachLocal Looks to Turn the Corner on SEO
Street Fight
ReachLocal Among the many cutting-edge innovations in local marketing, search engine optimization is getting to be old hat; in fact, its age and relative familiarity can result in a widespread lack of interest and dedication to using SEO as a primary

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Plantation holiday house isn’t brightest bulb in TV show’s ‘Christmas Light Fight’ – Sun-Sentinel

Plantation holiday house isn't brightest bulb in TV show's 'Christmas Light Fight'
December 23, 2013|By Lisa J. Huriash and Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel, By Lisa J. Huriash and Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel. PLANTATION — Judges in an ABC reality show praised the “amusement-park” quality of their “spectacular, over-the-top” 

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Knowing Who You Are Up Against By Studying Fight Club Statistics Records

Legal fight clubs compete in various championship matches around the globe. Among the fighters the man with the best overall record for active fighters is none other than Jason Reinhardt with 17 wins and not a single loss, followed closely by Phillip Miller and Diego Sanchez with 16 wins. Well let’s take a look at the worst losses statistics too; it’s headed by Matt Albright with only a single win and seventeen losses, followed by Mike Lindquist. Among the highest or most KO or TKO wins of the fight clubs fighters at the top list is Travis Fulton with a total of 52 wins, trailing by Iqor Voychanchyn and Gilbert Yvel with 24 wins. These legal fight clubs competitions usually have submission matches; as such for the submission wins, the highest score among the fighters is Travis Fulton with 116 points, followed by Jeremy Horn and Dan Severn. Fight clubs uses various tactics to bring their opponents into submission such as choking, guillotine choke, knee submission and such. The champion Travis Fulton has the highest score for the choke wins with 42 wins, for the guillotine choke its Travis Fulton again. However for the highest decision wins, it goes to Keiichiro Vamamiya with 20 wins, followed by Dave Menne. As expected, the fight club fighters competing in the most promotion fighter is again Travis Fulton with a total of 79 matches followed by Shannon Ritch and Dan Severn. After having noted down all these wins and losses statistics of the fight club fighters, let’s check out the teams with the best records. According to the latest available record, at the top is the Toshido Fighting Arts fight club with 24 wins and just 3 losses, their overall ratio around 0. 89. Second place is taken by Jackson’s Submission Fighting with 90 wins and 16 losses, overall ratio of 0. 85. The tenth place is taken by the Five Rings Dojo, fifteenth place by Team Velocity. Amongst the last ones are the Kz Factory, Asher Combat Academy, Freelance etc. These fight clubs participate in championship fights every now and then, which are all under close supervision of the authorities unlike the underground fight clubs. Anyhow, the organization with the most matches is headed by Shooto with 1325 matches, Pancrase with 1156 matches, followed by King of the cage, Rage in the cage etc. Well among the current super heavyweight rankings, the fight club fighter of above 265lbs+ Ron Waterman (WFA) is at the top, followed by Sylvester Terkay (K1). For those between 205-265lbs, at the top rank is Mirko Filipovic (PRIDE), followed by Antonio Rodrigo Noqueira (PRIDE). All these fights are regulated properly and fighters compete according to the weight difference.

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