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Search Was Largest Digital Channel In 2013 ($18.4B), Mobile Fastest Growing ($7.1B)

This morning the IAB released its full year 2013 report on digital ad revenue. Last year online advertising generated $42.8 billion, which exceeded broadcast TV for the first time, by nearly $3 billion. However broadcast and cable TV combined were worth $74.5 billion. After TV (as a whole) the…

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What's the Fastest Way to Make Money? Video!

What’s The Fastest Way To Make Money? Video!
Are you using video on your website? If not, you missing out on what is now considered the fastest way to make money. With more people using the internet than ever before, you’re missing out on a lot of profits that you can have with video on your website.
Video has basically has outperformed text as the way that people want to get information from a website. You can use the viral marketing method and submit your videos to different submission sites.
This will provide you with more exposure than you could probably handle. That’s a good thing; that means the more visitors you get, the better chance they turn into customers. In particular, if they are PLR videos, you can create your own brand by editing them to your specifications.
Branding videos is pretty easy to do. It can set you apart from the other PLR videos that are not edited. Branding can help you to rake in a lot of cash. When you brand a video, you are essentially creating your own personality.
People will be able to see the real you and any products that you may be offering. In order for you to make money, you have you brand the videos with your affiliate link.
Using videos that you have branded provide the visitor with a quick connection with you and the website. Another advantages of videos being the fastest way to make money is that if Google likes them, your website will be in the search engines in no time.
With branded videos, people will be able to see a face with the voice. You would be face to face with that person, even though your face would be on video. That personal connection would still be there. That’s what’s important and will help to keep the relationship and ultimately make plenty of money.
Video is very powerful which is why it is considered the fastest way to make money. You could show a branded video one minute and the next minute they may be ordering soemting from you. That’s just how much clout people have when it comes down to this. Having videos can also help with your creditability.
Many people may not have gotten acquainted with you before now. However, with the video, they will know a little more about you and what you are promoting. Keep in mind, the video should not be a blatant promotion.
That will turn people away and your money will go elsewhere. It only takes a few minutes to edit the video to keep your brand flowing and continuing to make money for you.

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