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How To Create Compelling Web Content With Curation and Auditing by @JuliaEMcCoy

When it comes to customer connection and engaging your audience, every brand is faced with one key question: Where does my content come from? Content comes in many forms, and it is the driving force behind generating leads and engagement online. Finding content on its own can be a challenge for any business leader: going beyond that and finding content that compels and converts can make any marketer scratch their head. Isn’t it funny how the Internet is jam-packed with content, yet coming up with content on your own feels like a hike up a huge mountain? How do these […]

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Amazon’s Free Photo Storage Offer: Nice, But Late And Not Too Compelling

Amazon’s attempt to make itself into the poor man’s Google continues with its latest online offer: unlimited photo storage for Prime members.

The company’s Prime service costs $99 per year, and offers a variety of “free” but circumscribed perks, including:

  • Free two-day shipping on many (though not all) items
  • Free video streaming (though only from a limited movie and TV-show selection)
  • A streaming music service offering “over a million songs” (Spotify, by contrast, offers “more than 20 million“)
  • Free access to a limited selection of Kindle e-books (500,000 titles)

To that, you can now add Amazon Prime Photos, which basically offers the same free, unlimited photo storage that only users of Amazon’s not-so-popular Fire Phone. It’s rolling the service into its free Amazon Cloud Drive, which usually offers only 5GB of storage in its basic tier, plus additional free storage for Kindle books and, now, photos.

The new service is just the latest way in which Amazon is turning its massively successful cloud service—widely used by enterprises and developers and one of the fastest growing software businesses ever—into a consumer-facing product.

But Amazon’s attempt to turn itself into an online “ecosystem” hasn’t gone terribly well. The Fire Phone cost the company a $170 million write down, and its Fire TV streaming box got a lukewarm reception. Its Amazon Fire TV streaming stick launched a little too late, as gadgets like Chromecast and Roku dominate the market.

A Little Late To The Photo Shoot

Considering the abundance of storage offers out there, no one who isn’t already using Amazon Cloud Drive seems likely to jump ship and dump their private photos into Amazon just because it’s free.

Google, for instance, offers unlimited standard-size photo storage (photos larger than 2048×2048 pixels will count against Drive storage), and will automatically upload photos from Android phones. Facebook has unlimited photo storage, and Flickr provides 1TB of storage for free. Additionally, cloud service providers like iCloud, OneDrive and Dropbox continue to slash prices and give users more cloud storage data for less money.

Amazon’s service does have one appealing, though minor, advantage: It will store full-resolution images for free. That might be enticing for photographers that want to store photos in the cloud without first downscaling them to lower resolutions.

Amazon Prime Photo is available on iOS and Android, as well as Fire tablets and the Fire Phone. Photos can be accessed from any device, including PlayStation consoles and LG and Samsung smart TVs.

Lead photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy

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Rise Above: 5 Ways to Make Your Content Compelling by @GeoffKenyon

Content marketing is here to stay. The problem is, you can bet your competitors are doing it too. To be successful now, you need to invest and thrive at creating great content. It is going to take a lot more than pumping out some boring blog posts that, if we’re honest, nobody really wants to read, and then sharing it on your company Facebook page. Even if you’re a “boring company“, you need to do more. No excuses. Your content efforts are going to look different from everyone else out there as your customers, your brand, and your resources are different. […]

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