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Mining Reviews for SEO Benefit – Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce
Mining Reviews for SEO Benefit
Practical Ecommerce
Customer reviews are an excellent way to inject unique content into your site to benefit search engine optimization while boosting shopper confidence at the same time. For SEO, reviews fall under the generally beneficial category of user generated content.

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Ranking Benefit To Making Your Site SSL? Not Yet But Google’s Cutts Would Like To Make It Happen.

Google has been migrating all their properties to work over SSL over the past years and they are still working on that migration process. Google would like to see you make your site work over SSL as well. So much so that Matt Cutts said at SMX West that he would personally love to make […]

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How Your Website Can Benefit From A Content Delivery Network: Interview With David Henzel by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, David Henzel of MaxCDN joins us to discuss the benefits of using a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute website content. Why do websites need a CDN? The biggest reason why is to prevent websites from crashing when experiencing a large amount of traffic. David explains how CDNs help […]

Author information

John Rampton

Managing Editor John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, and PPC expert. I enjoy helping people and am always online to chat +/@johnrampton

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SEO Gurus Benefit from ShrinkTheWeb’s Ranking Comparison Tool – PR Web (press release)

PR Web (press release)
SEO Gurus Benefit from ShrinkTheWeb's Ranking Comparison Tool
PR Web (press release)
With the constant need for website operators to know how they match up to the competition, the developers of ShrinkTheWeb created a search engine optimization (SEO) tool to answer the question. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ 
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topseoscouk Reveals Cresco SEO as the Fourth Best Search Marketing Service IT Business Net

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5 Types of Sites That Could Benefit from Broken Link Building by @AlesiaKrush

Like a prodigal family member, broken link building got re-embraced by SEOs after the series of Google algorithm updates known as Penguin. Google Penguin and a slew of manual actions Google took against “unnatural” link builders cut the number of backlink methods SEOs had at their disposal at least by half, which lead to broken […]

Author information

Alesia Krush

Alesia Krush

Alesia is an SEO and a digital marketer at Link-Assistant.Com, a major SEO software provider and the maker of SEO PowerSuite tools. Link-Assistant.Com is a group of SEO professionals with almost a decade of SEO experience.

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Lessons From Big Brands: How 7 Brands Benefit From Content Marketing by @brianzengdotme

In his book Why We Buy, Paco Underhill writes, “The Internet, after all, is a repository for rumors, half-rumors, quarter-rumors, errors, speculations, hypothesis and racy untruths. These co-exist along with, well, facts – things that derive from what at least appear to be valid sources…”  For marketers today, it’s all about using content marketing to […]

Author information

Brian Zeng

Internet Marketing Consultant at CCTVHotDeals

Brian Zeng is a full service digital marketing consultant based in China, specializing in SEO and Content Marketing. Brian helps clients creating and implementing results oriented internet marketing strategies to take their internet business to the next level. You can connect with him on twitter @brianzengdotme OR by email at

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Is Optimizing Your Website for Bing will benefit you in future?

Is Optimizing Your Website for Bing will benefit you in future? As many a blog entry will go over, there’s been a good amount of buzzing around the launch of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. Moreover, there’s been a well-brought-up quantity of rumor on what the growing popularity of Bing — along with their recent agreement with Yahoo — will mean in regards to Search Engine Optimization. There is lot of rumor in internet that Bing is stealing market share from Google. Question keep on buzzing in our mind 1. What if Bing, after the initial buzz around their launch upland, begins to steadily challenge Google’s long standing dominance both in market share and SEO focus? 2. What can I do now to start making sure my site is well optimized for Bing so that I’m not playing catch up a year from now when all of my competitors are ranking well within both Google and Bing? In response to the first question, what seems to be the common theme in most responses to this by industry experts is that Google for a long time now hasn’t had a realistic challenger to its search dominance, allowing them to focus on side projects such as the recently announced Chrome OS, upcoming Google Wave, and Cloud applications such as Google Documents. What you’ll most likely see as Bing becomes a stronger competitor in the realm of Search, is that Google will begin — as it has already with the May launch of their “Show Options” feature — to release features to better compete with some of Bing’s advertised advantages over Google. While many of these changes will be designed to enhance and better organize results, many believe the recent competition imposing by Bing will benefit visitors looking for relevant results, as well as sites looking to have them found for relevant queries. In response to the second question, the answer is to continue to focus on the same SEO best practices you’ve been focusing on.   The type of SEO work and tasks webmasters need to perform to be successful in Bing haven’t changed — all of the skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously applies fully today with Bing. Moreover, investments in solid, reputable SEO work made for Bing will bring similar improvements in your website’s page rank in Google and Yahoo! as well. SEO task you should do for Bing optimization for your website. * Unique, keyword-oriented Titles and Meta Descriptions for ever page of your site * Keyword-oriented, clean and well-structured URLs * Singular themes per page with keyword-oriented content in reference to your page’s theme * Submission of a well structured and relevant XML sitemap to Bing’s Webmaster Center * Submission of your site to Bing using Bing’s Ping service There still certain factors while starting SEO service for Bing search engine such as the quality of your inbound links, along with other standard SEO best practices play significant roles. While the same SEO best practices will assist your site’s ranking within Bing, some of these items — according to initial studies — seem to play a greater role with Bing than they do with Google.   Meta Descriptions is one example. Currently, Bing places more importance on the quality of your Meta Descriptions than Google does. What this means for some sites is that focusing on these same SEO practices, with a tighter focus on the quality of your Meta Descriptions and quality, unique content can help even sites reliant on longer-tail searches be more visible, due to different user behavior on Bing.   This is true as well with a more local-focus being presented by Bing. It is reported that Bing is weighting local results in a more aggressive manner than Google. Of course, with Bing being relatively new, things could change as the competition with Google heats up. The advent of new features and options — some of which will focus on micro formats, RDF and other advanced SEO practices — is sure to keep this space dynamic as well.

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