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15 Ways to Avoid Reputation Roadkill @ClickZ Live #czlny

Reputation management expert Andy Beal, CEO of Trackur and author of “Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation”, kicked off Day 2 of ClickZ Live New York by sharing 15 examples of reputation disasters, and what we can learn from these mistakes.

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27 Cringe Worthy Website Design Mistakes to Avoid by @albertcostill

Having a website is kind of a big deal. Everyone from major corporations, local businesses, lifestyle coaches and artists require websites to not only sell products or services, but to keep visitors informed on the latest news, contact information, and provide customer service. In the 21st Century, it’s a crucial part of your business One […]

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Albert Costill

Just a typical guy that enjoys an ice-cold beer, pizza, sports and music. Since venturing into the blogosphere many years ago to discuss his favorite tunes, Al has been known to write for online publications by Alpha Brand Media, such as EveryGuyed and Search Engine Journal, to discuss everything and anything that matters.

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4 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit by Negative SEO or New Unnatural Links

When it comes to unnatural links, companies need to remain vigilant. This post explains four actionable methods for tracking new unnatural links, so businesses can avoid negative SEO attacks, future Penguin hits, and manual actions.

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4 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit by Negative SEO or New Unnatural Links – Search Engine Watch

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit by Negative SEO or New Unnatural Links
Search Engine Watch
When helping clients with Penguin or manual actions for unnatural links, it's common for companies to start asking questions about negative SEO. Once clients understand how Penguin works, and how unnatural links could impact a website, they wonder 

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Sending Out an SOS: How to Avoid SEO Disaster – Entrepreneur

Sending Out an SOS: How to Avoid SEO Disaster
There are SEO mistakes that will not only hurt your sales or lead generation efforts but could instantly put you out of business. This is no exaggeration, I've witnessed it firsthand. A few years ago an acquaintance of mine started an online store

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10 Huge Online PR Mistakes You Must Avoid

Press releases have a part to play in link building campaigns. Is your press release actually newsworthy? Is it getting to the right people? Is it focused? Is it structured properly? These are just 4 of 10 avoidable online public relations mistakes.

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9 Ways Startup CEOs Can Help Their Teams Avoid Burnout

In startups, it’s often all hands on deck, all the time.

Unfortunately, not all members of your staff have the same level of commitment you do—and burnout is a very real phenomenon. And as a leader, it’s not only your job to make sure your teammates succeed—it’s your job to curb overwhelm too. How do you make sure everyone is putting forth their best effort without going overboard?

Nine startup founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) offer their advice on being a more balanced leader.

1. Help Prioritize

When my team is spread thin, it’s my responsibility and that of my senior staff to help with prioritization. We let our team know we understand the burden that is on them and the stress they are under. Then, we ask everyone to itemize their to-do lists, and we work together to prioritize these items.

It’s not possible for anyone to do everything and do it all well. Productivity isn’t just about crossing everything off your list; it’s about being efficient, effective and focusing your energy and attention on the top priorities that will have the greatest impact on your company.

David Ehrenberg, Early Growth Financial Services

2. Find Obstacles and Clear Them

Picture it: The CEO has a schedule change and now wants to meet with another member of the leadership team. That team member then has to alter his or her schedule, and subsequently, everyone’s day is turned upside down.

Senior staff and leaders have to think through the impact of their actions on productivity. They should regularly ask staff what gets in their way each day. And if scheduling continues to be a problem, seek out company-wide suggestions to fix it. If employees are working too many hours, ask what’s taking up unnecessary time.

Employees are often fearful of speaking up because they think they’re the only ones facing an issue or they don’t want to be seen as the complainer. But if leaders regularly ask these questions, they can look for patterns among the team and fix them.

Susan Strayer LaMotte, Exaqueo

3. Use Creative Resources

One key way you can stretch dollars and handle growth crunches more smoothly is to be intelligent and creative in your resourcing. Most founders tend to go the full-time, salaried employee route first as a knee-jerk reaction.

Full-time employees are great and should always be considered for core roles. However, having lots of salaried staff can limit your flexibility and can also be very expensive once benefits and additional taxes are factored in.

At Speek, we hired a small, core team of full-time and salaried staff to start with. Once we had our core team, we started looking at freelancers, contractors, vendors, offshore companies and other options to handle our needs. These alternate resources can be point expertise and give you the ability to scale up and down with our growth.

Danny Boice, Speek

4. Focus on Margin and Mission

An expanding business is great, but it can also be very stressful. It’s important to create processes that allow your team to feel supported during a period of high growth and vast opportunities.

For my company, I’ve found that the margin and mission approach works best. For every new opportunity that comes up, ask yourself, “Does this meet our mission, and does it meet our margin?” If it doesn’t do both, it’s not an idea you should pursue at the moment.

For example, I have a personal mission of empowering girls. I write a book series for girls, and even though it’s my passion, it fulfills my mission and margin requirement. You can do what you love, grow your business and embrace opportunities while still maintaining a margin and mission approach.

Tina Wells, Buzz Marketing Group

5. Be Understanding

Growing too big too fast places a huge amount of stress on your team, to say the least. When your team is spread thin and overloaded with work, it’s very easy to get frustrated.

Approaching issues with this perspective tends to shift the focus to the problem, rather than the solution, which creates even more stress. Understanding that everyone is in the same boat and empathizing with your team allows you to approach conversations and dilemmas with a clear mind. In the great words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”

Lead by example because this attitude inhibits productivity and clouds your judgement, rather than helping you and your team focus on what needs to be done to get out of this alive.

—Fabian Kaempfer, Chocomize

6. Put Their Lives Before the Company

Sounds backwards for a startup right? I firmly believe that putting employees’ personal lives first yields more productivity, ownership and results. This can take many forms, but one major way we accomplish this at The Bouqs Company is through 100 percent flex hours and location. We trust our employees to manage their work in the best way possible, but we give them the flexibility to work where and when they want.

Asking employees to sacrifice personal time for their family, friends, a doctor appointment or whatever it is adds stress and pain to their lives. Giving them the freedom to make their own choices and execute the work at the time and place where they can be most effective is empowering and builds long-term trust and loyalty. Put their lives before the job.

John Tabis, The Bouqs Company

7. Remove Hierarchy Within the Organization

For a startup, I believe it’s about removing hierarchy within the organization. People are most likely to become stressed when they are made to feel inferior. Give everyone a stake in the game, and create an office environment that buzzes with positive energy and momentum. They won’t have time to feel stressed.

Janis Krums, Opprtunity

8. Have Clear-Cut Roles

One of the quickest ways to cure startup stress is to have clear-cut roles for each employee. Have everyone make a list of their roles, and then share the lists at a staff meeting, so everyone is aware of what everyone else is doing. Then, have a file where the lists are kept, so employees can access them whenever they have a question about who is responsible for what. Not only does this help employees understand the structure of the company, but also it helps employees stay on top of their own tasks.

Emily Doubilet, Susty Party

9. Prioritize and Outsource

Senior-level staff can help reduce burnout by asking employees to circle the items on their to-do lists only they can accomplish. Once managers realize which tasks need to stay with an employee, they can figure out how to complete the leftover tasks.

At ZinePak, we engage a variety of solutions, from Task Rabbit to freelancers, to help out when our staff is stretched thin. Although every item on a to-do list is important, it is the high-level ones that need to be completed with the most accuracy and usually by a specific person.

Kim Kaupe, Zine Pak

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The future of SEO and how to avoid being an SEO caveman –

The future of SEO and how to avoid being an SEO caveman
Pocock says SEO has moved on from content which is full of links but is not engaging or unique. “No one wants to read that,” he says. “No one wants to remember you as that company they saw; it doesn't build your brand.” Instead, Pocock says it is best

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5 Excuses Why Ecommerce Merchants Avoid SEO – Practical Ecommerce

5 Excuses Why Ecommerce Merchants Avoid SEO
Practical Ecommerce
Search engine optimization can help you reach those goals, but some marketers throw excuses in the way to explain why SEO cannot benefit them. I have access to the analytics for many companies of varying sizes, from household brands to scrappy startups 
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