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MapQuest Aims For Reboot With New Content, Partners, UI

A few years ago, while others were investing in their mapping platforms, AOL was coasting with MapQuest. AOL’s sustained neglect of the online mapping pioneer cost the site its leadership in digital maps. Now the company hopes to claw its way back with new content and functionality in what…

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Box Aims To Hand Businesses Their Own Encryption Keys This Year

Cloud-storage provider Box aims to break with tradition and give some businesses their own keys to their own encrypted data—at least for “very large or sensitive organizations,” CEO Aaron Levie said, according to a report in Ars Technica. “We’re still figuring out the exact details of how we want to integrate it with a customer environment,” Levie said during a Q&A at the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas.

When you share files via Box, Dropbox, and cloud-based content-sharing services, your data is encrypted—but you don’t hold the key. For businesses, controlling your own encryption keys matters, especially if the NSA comes a-knocking to ask your provider for access to your data. 

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Enterprise Cloud-Storage Firm Box Aims To Raise $250M In Its IPO

Box, a cloud storage service for business, filed with the SEC to raise up to $250 million in an initial public offering. While going public could give the young company a credibility boost and a currency—i.e., options and shares—for acquisitions and employee recruitment, Box is seeking a smaller sum in its IPO than its rival Dropbox has recently raised from private investors.

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Facebook Aims to Restrict Gun Sales With New Rules

Facebook is jumping into the gun rights debate by creating new clear policies regarding the gun sales on their social media platform. The aim is reportedly to stop what people say are rampant illegal gun sales.

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Samsung Aims To Invade The Connected Home

Samsung has a gadget for just about every aspect of your life, so it seems fairly natural that the company would want to invade your home as well. Samsung announced this week two new wall-mounted connected cameras for homes and business called the SmartCam and SmartCam HD to help individuals and business monitor their surroundings at all times.

Samsung’s design here is simple: It wants to integrate into just about every aspect of your life. The SmartCam HD Outdoor and Smartcam HD offer full 1080p HD streaming of their surroundings with 128-degree wide angle lenses. They both work with slow Internet connections and provide full recording playback capabilities. Ostensibly for security, the two relatively low-cost cameras ($179 for the for the Smartcam HD, $229 for the Outdoor) are part of Samsung’s master plan to be one of the pivotal gadget makers in the Internet of Things.

In a demo at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the biggest gadget annual gadget shows in the world, a Samsung Techwin (a division of Samsung) representative said that the two cameras are part of their notion to connect every appliance in people’s homes and businesses. Samsung also makes a variety of televisions, home appliances like dish washers and washer and dryers and, of course, a long list of smartphones and tablets. Samsung is a company that has the wherewithal and product line to produce just about everything in your house; the next step is to connect all of those with each other.

Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor

Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor

The Samsung representative said the two SmartCams are definitely a piece of that puzzle, but not necessarily the primary piece.

Of course, Samsung is not the first or only company to make mobile-connected surveillance cameras, nor will it be the last. But Samsung’s plans are bigger than just a couple cameras made by one of its subsidiaries. One of the biggest questions for the connected home will be what the central hub device will be. What will everything connect through to provide a simple protocol that a consumer can then easily interface with? Will it be the television? A thermostat-like device like the Nest? Samsung’s SmartCams are ancillary devices that help monitor your home and as such are a piece of the company’s connected home and the Internet of Things plan.

The most pertinent connected home hub in the short-term will likely be the smartphone. The Samsung Techwin SmartCams can be set up through Android or iOS and use Wi-Fi Direct to connect to other devices like a tablet, smartphone or a PC.

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