Local SEO

Local SEO

Our local SEO program is designed to rank your web page in the local organic search results. If you are looking to rank locally in Google Places or with Google Maps Marketing then you will want to take a look at our local marketing programs. Local SEO shows up below Google Places if Google Places results are shown above the fld of the organic results. They are not always present, it depends upon the keyword and the locality of the marketplace.

Ranking Locally With Local SEO In Google

Local SEO, is usually but not always, easier to rank for in the search engines. This is due to the fact that most local keywords have less competition then regional or national markets.

Our Local SEO programs include an SEO analysis of your website for up to 10 web pages. Our SEO analysis of your website and it’s web pages is usually not bundled into any of our programs. We wanted to make local SEO more approachable for small to medium sized businesses. We are pairing our SEO analysis with our local SEO programs for a (Limited Time) with a reduced cost to the business owner.

Our local SEO program also includes:

SEO Analysis
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization
Off Page SEO
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