Google Plus Local

Google Plus Local

Why is Google Plus Local important?

Google Plus reviews paired with Business Citations equal higher local rankings
Google Plus Local is where your business receives Google Reviews and it is also how Google verifies your business identity.

Verified Profiles in Google are soon to rank above those that are not verified (per the Executive Chairman of Google).

It can get a bit confusing with all of the Google pieces. For local businesses the business listing on Google is the Google Places Page. The corresponding business location is on Google Maps. The reviews of the business are connected to the Google Plus Local Business Page associated with your business. In addition, Google verifies that you are the author and publisher of your website, with cross connecting and validation of your Google Plus Local Business Page.

Profile Verification Will Help You Rank On Google

Eric Schmidt The Executive Chairman at Google recently spoke in an interview with the Huffing Post and in the interview he said “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” Read The Huffington Post Article Here.

Verified Profiles Will Soon Have Preference For Ranking In Google

It is clear by this interview, that Google is telling us that in the near future, websites who have a verified profile through Google Local Plus will rank higher then those who do not. In addition to helping you rank in the near future, a verified profile will show your Google Plus Business Profile Picture in Google with the meta description of your page.

Google Plus Local Business Reviews

Reviews fuel a local businesses ranking through Google Maps Marketing and in the local Google Places listing above the organic results. When a Google listing is set up correctly, the Google Places Page will first be optimized and then the Google Map listing will be optimized between the map listing and the website. Next is the local optimization process is to verify the business profile with cross validation through a Google Plus Local Business Page and your website. Once this is configured, you can start receiving reviews your business to your business through your Google Plus Local Business Page.

Mitigate Negative Reviews From Going Live

Here at SEO Facts, we try to mitigate negative reviews from going live as much as possible by using a review hub that sends negative reviews to a page on your website where the reviewer can leave a comment and where it is held for moderation. the review will allow users who have had a good experience to
move on to a page where choice citations of the business are embedded into the page along with a link to the Google Plus Local Business Page. If you would like to see the review hub in action you can click here.

This process allows us to drive positive reviews to the citation sites we choose as well as mitigates negative reviews from going live online.

Your Google Local Optimization

So after your Google Local Plus setup, you will need to drive reviews either to a review hub or directly to your Google Plus Local Business Page. We strongly suggest the former. So the question then will be, how do you drive reviews to your review hub or Google Plus Local Business Page? We have a monthly reputation management service that is in full compliance with the for working with you and your current clients to have real reviews from happy clients leave reviews through a review hub on through there own web connected devices.

All of our marketing practices are set up to be 100% transparent between us and the business owners.