Google Places

A Google Places listing is your businesses listing on Google. It corresponds to your businesses location(s) in Google Maps and reviews in your Google Plus Business Page. A Google Places Page is the life blood for businesses who want to rank in Google locally. Google Places has gone through a lot of changes in the past eighteen months from not including third party reviews sites, to the addition of Google Plus for reviews and much more.

Most SEO companies treat your Google Places Page separately from:

  • Your Business Listing On Google Maps
  • Your Google Plus Business Page
  • Building Citations (mentions of your business online, business address and phone)

Integration of these services at the same time is critical.

A good SEO company will provide a hybrid methodology of Google Places, Google Maps and Google Plus.

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Here is our process flow for Google Places:

  • We claim the Google Places Page for you if applicable ( this can take a few weeks)
  • We update the Google Places Listing
  • We optimize your business categories
  • We embed your businesses GEO-coded location into up to 10 pictures related to your business you provide us
  • We upload up to 5 videos about your business with your GEO Location embedded in them that you provide us with.
  • We add/optimize your business’s location(s) to Google Maps
  • We add a GEO-coded business location in micro format to your website (KML Locations file for Google Maps)
  • We build citations to your business on a month basis

Citations and Google Places and Google Maps

We have over 1,000 high value citation sites we can list your business on a monthly recurring basis.

Being listed on citation sites, helps push your business in Google Places and Google Maps. These citation websites are a combination of local directories, event sites, general directories, niche directories. Being listed across a wide variety of citation sources can also increase brand awareness and help with verifying business information

Citations for Google Maps and Google Places are hand built. We don not use data aggregation as some of the larger citation services do as we want your information to be accurate. We are able to also assess what citations are already listed for your business. This is critical as some or all of this information may not be up to date or correct.

We provide clear and concise reporting on citation sources that have been added and updated with your business information.

You can also take advantage of our Reputation Management service to drive relevant real reviews to your citations

Our Google Places services will help get your website ranked locally in Google. We especially recommend this product for business who’s client base is with a 8-10 mile circumference around their business. For these businesses, it is critical to show up at the top of the local search results.

Our upgrade to this product is our Google Maps Marketing Service that incorporates everything in our Google Places services but add the ability for us to add your businesses portfolio of work at it’s location. This is extremely helpful for service based business that work on location. Now instead of your business showing up for it’s location, you are able to show for all of your work.