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It is hard to understand the myths behind HTML5 and search engine optimization without knowing some common SEO myths themselves. To further complicate matters, the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc) are not very forthcoming with the various …
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Sling TV Will Give Non-Apple Cord Cutters HBO Access Too

Apple’s exclusivity arrangement for the HBO Now standalone streaming service hasn’t been broken…technically. Apple TV will still be the only streaming set-top box to offer the app. But the deal has surely gotten a little dinged now, thanks to Sling TV.

The Dish TV-owned company announced Wednesday that it too will offer HBO as a $15 add-on to its cord-cutting service. The announcement, likely the product of broader programming negotiations between its parent company and Time Warner, promises that the new service will arrive in time for the season opener of Game of Thrones in a couple of weeks. 

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The news finally brings non-Apple users into the HBO-streaming fold, without requiring cable subscriptions. But the HBO Now app and the Sling TV service are not exactly the same. The former doesn’t offer the streaming live TV channel, whereas HBO on Sling TV will, along with video-on-demand (VOD) titles. The latter also works on various devices—from the Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Xbox One, to computers, iOS gadgets and Android devices.

The difference (sort of) preserves Apple’s “exclusivity” agreement, but it also means consumers will have to weigh various pros and cons for different services that essentially deliver the same programming. Here’s an overview to help you sort through it.

HBO By Any Other Name Is Confusing As Heck

HBO comes in numerous forms now beyond the stack of TV channels. These versions cover HBO Go (the streaming app for cable and satellite subscribers), HBO Now (the streaming app for cord cutters) and the HBO’s VOD catalog, which comes on numerous cable or satellite set-top boxes and may or may not involve streaming.

Sling TV’s offering mimics HBO on traditional pay TV set-tops. According to a Sling TV spokesperson, “[customers] will have access to the linear channel and the same VOD content such as original series, hit movies, original HBO Films, groundbreaking documentaries, sports, and comedy and music specials.” Neither HBO Go nor HBO Now offer live TV, only a streaming library of VOD entertainment. 

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Also like cable service: You won’t be able to subscribe to the one channel alone, like Apple TV users will. You’ll also need a subscription to Sling TV’s “Best of Live TV” core package, which starts at $20, before you can add the HBO (for $15) to the mix.

That’s a total of $35, which is still cheaper than a cable subscription, but also more limited in programming. The package includes 20 channels—including ESPN, AMC, A&E, TNT, History Channel, TBS, Food Network, CNN and Adult Swim—VOD titles and add-ons, including HBO. As for streaming it live, there’s only one HBO channel, not the numerous variations available on cable, like HBO2, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Latino and others.

For the money, user also won’t be able to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. HBO Now users, however, can have three simultaneous streams on various devices going at once.

Game Of Streams

HBO’s Richard Plepler at the Apple Watch event.

HBO CEO Richard Plepler told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” on Tuesday that the company joined forces with Apple on HBO Now because HBO Go has been a huge hit on its TV streaming box.

The Apple TV, which has offered HBO Go since 2013, now accounts for 60% of the app’s traffic, according to the executive. He has high hopes now that the streaming set-top will also help his company reach a key audience: millennial viewers. “We think HBO Now is something of a millennial missile,” he said. “We think this is a terrific opportunity to earn 10 million broadband-only homes in the U.S., and that’s largely a millennial audience.”

Of course, to reach a younger audience, it would behoove HBO to set up shop on as many streaming devices as possible. The company has apparently found a way to do that, without breaking its three-month exclusive launch agreement with Apple. Just bending it a little.

HBO on Sling TV is not technically HBO Now. Cablevision will be the first pay TV service provider to offer that app, but even it’s expected to roll it out early this month, it’s not really a streaming provider, per se, and not a maker of set-top boxes. So depending on how the deal was worded, Apple’s arrangement may still stand.

Looks like they all wanted to rush in to make the Game of Thrones deadline—even if it meant playing their own games to get there. 

Game of Thrones images courtesy of HBO; HBO Now announcement at Apple press conference screen captured by Lauren Orsini for ReadWrite

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Facebook Introduces New App for Creating Videos with Friends by @mattsouthern

An after-hours side project has turned into the latest product from Facebook, called Riff, which allows you to create and collaborate on videos with Facebook friends You start by creating a video, adding a hashtag, and uploading it. From there your friends can view it, add to it if they wish, and send it along to their friends. I can see this being used as a way for people to share their opinions on a topic via short video clips connected with the same hashtag, or for people all share their unique points of view from large events like CES. […]

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SEO.IN Named Best Search Engine Optimization Service in India by topseos … – Marketwired (press release)

SEO.IN Named Best Search Engine Optimization Service in India by topseos
Marketwired (press release)
NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – April 01, 2015) – The independent authority on search marketing,, has named SEO.IN the best search engine optimization firm in India for the month of April 2015. SEO.IN was chosen based on their impressive … Selects Boostability as the Top Local SEO Company for April 2015Digital Journal

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Twitter to Display Promoted Tweets in User Profiles by @mattsouthern

The next time you visit a friend’s Twitter profile you may see something that will make you look twice. No, your friend isn’t suddenly tweeting out marketing on behalf of big brands, what you’re seeing is a new test where Twitter is inserting promoted tweets in users profiles. Recode reports Twitter confirmed it’s conducting this test, but the ads ate not meant to blend in with other content. The ad units will be clearly separated by a break in the stream, followed by a label that reads “suggested by Twitter” A Twitter spokesperson tells Recode: “We’re experimenting with this feature, […]

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SEO, Social, And How to Utilize Podcasting & Reddit: #SEJSummit Dallas 2015 Recap by @wonderwall7

Did you miss our SEJ Summit in Dallas yesterday? Never fear, there are still free tickets available for our Chicago event, courtesy of our partner, Searchmetrics. SEJ Summit Chicago is happening on April 15th at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Speakers (in no particular order) include Brian Clark of Copyblogger; John Curtis, SEO Manager at Walgreens; Allison Fabella, Director of Global SEO at CareerBuilder, Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics; and Ryan Jones, Manager of Search Strategy & Analytics at SapientNitro. The SEJ Summit Dallas was a great event! We had ten speakers (who had 20 minutes each to deliver their presentation, complete with three takeaways) […]

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IgnitionOne: Q1 US Paid Search Growth Strongest In 3 Years

Yahoo Bing Network gains share for third straight quarter.

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Chrome OS Hasn’t Conquered The World Yet, But Google Isn’t Giving Up

Chromebooks: Are you convinced yet?

Google has been proudly showing off some new Chromebooks and other goodies this week, and earlier in the month, we also got to gawk at a brand new Pixel, the flagship luxury model in the world of Chrome OS. It’s a reminder that, even though the bare bones, Web-based platform isn’t currently reaching large swathes of the market, Google’s not giving up.  

Despite its growing adoption and regular appearances in the best-selling laptop charts on Amazon, Chromebooks still account for just 5 percent of sales right now, according to one of the latest estimates. Pinning down hard figures for the Chrome OS market share is difficult, but whatever it is, most analysts agree it’s not very high

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Despite Google’s foothold being so small, Microsoft and Apple are sitting up and taking notice. You might be surprised at just how many low-price, low-spec Windows 10 notebooks we see this year—one rumor even points to $149 Windows laptop putting the Chromebook in its crosshairs this year. But Google is in this for the long haul, and it has plenty of reason to stick it out: With the rise of cloud-based services and lower hardware costs, Chrome OS’s chances for success look stronger than ever.

Ghosts Of Chrome OSes past

HP has its own line-up of Chromebooks.

Naturally Chrome OS starts with Chrome, the speedy, stripped-down browser that Google unveiled to the world in 2008. Little did we realize then that this represented more than just a rival to Internet Explorer and Firefox—it meant a very different approach to computing altogether. 

Chrome OS—an entire operating system based on the original browser—launched in July 2009. Even some six years later, it’s not difficult to remember the howls of derision that accompanied the first Chromebook. Here was a low-spec, limited computer that could do nothing but browse the Web, and which was pretty useless outside of a Wi-Fi signal. The question most of us asked at the time was: Why would you buy a Chromebook rather than a Windows or Mac machine running the Chrome browser? 

Back then, the premise of putting all of our apps and files in the cloud seemed a little obscure, but it makes a lot more sense in 2015. Web apps have become more powerful, and Wi-Fi, more ubiquitous. We’re living more and more of our lives online now. Power users may still cling to local versions of Photoshop and Excel, but there are huge numbers of people out there, from students to pensioners, who can live easily within a browser. The trend seems to be going in only one direction—toward the cloud. 

It’s not a difficult trend to spot, either. Since the first Chromebook debuted, we’ve seen major names like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Spotify and even iWork hit the Web (from Apple, the champion of the native app, no less). Now that broader development has caught up, the other benefits of Chrome OS become more relevant: seamless server-side app updates, no gradual slowdown in performance, no need for backups or security software, and so on. 

Chrome’s Shiny Future

The Asus Chromebit.

This week, the public got some indications of what’s next for Chrome OS, including lower prices and new devices, including some in new product categories. 

Two new models, the Haier Chromebook 11 and the Hisense Chromebook, give the public $149 laptops to ponder. They may not impress anyone in your office, but they’ll do quite nicely for the kids, grandparents or anyone else who just wants to browse websites. They’re cheaper than most smartwatches, and much more useful. 

Google also announced a brand-new gadget: the sub-$100 Chromebit from ASUS. Though it may look like a USB drive, the Chrome dongle houses a whole Chrome OS computer and an HDMI port, so people can use televisions and other screens as displays. Think of it like a Chromecast TV stick, but with extra smarts (or at least enough to get online). 

With these debuts, the USB-C-packing Pixel and business-oriented Chromeboxes, plus any other forthcoming products, there’s plenty of choice now—which is striking because, if you get past the packaging, they all essentially do the same thing: give you Web access through Chrome. But the growing family of devices shows how the platform has progressed since its debut in 2009. Chrome OS has become a go-anywhere operating system that’s as adaptable as it is streamlined. 

As for what the future holds, we could see closer integration between Chrome OS and Android. A full merger may not make sense right now, but eventually, it seems inevitable. Chrome OS now offers a tablet mode (ready for the Asus Chromebook Flip), while Google has also opened its App Runtime for Chrome up to all developers, so anyone can port their Android apps to run on Web platform. 

And let’s not forget where it all started: the Chrome browser. Still a popular choice on Windows, Mac and Linux, it remains Google’s Trojan horse into other companies’ operating systems, with millions of people effectively running Chrome on top of something else.

What looked like a joke in 2009 is beginning to look more and more like the future. Back then, the big question was, “Why would you buy a Chromebook?” The question now may be, “Why wouldn’t you?” 

The answer depends on whether you need the local applications to do some heavy lifting, like full-suite video or music editing, or want access to your file systems. In that way, Chrome OS still isn’t a one-size-fits-all operating system for all people, all of the time. But give it another six years, and the landscape is likely to look very different once again. 

Images courtesy of Google

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Mobile Searchers Have Local Intent: 7 Quick Wins [#CZLNY]

During her session at ClickZ Live New York, Jori Ford discussed how to reach consumers when they’re searching on their mobile devices.

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SearchCap: April Fools, Bing Ads Tools & Yahoo/Bing Ads Grow

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

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